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Zhìguāng Lóng (龍志光 Lóng Zhìguāng?) is one of the main protagonists of the manhua Digimon D-Cyber. He's a boy who gets sucked into the Digital World with his friends by MetalPhantomon.


Zhìguāng is a young boy with lightly tanned skin, messy brown hair and light brown eyes. He wears a sleeveless blue and yellow jumpsuit with the Chinese character 龍, meaning dragon, emblazoned in white over the chest, a red fingerless glove on his left hand, and black sandals. He wears a plastic headband in his hair, and a pair of goggles around his neck, which he occasionally wears over his forehead.



Zhìguāng Lóng (龍志光)

  • Lóng (龍?). A Chinese surname meaning "dragon". This likely refers to Zhiguāng's partner, Dorumon, and his "Dragon Spirit".
  • Zhìguāng (志光?). A Chinese name meaning "determined light". This probably refers to Zhiguāng's determined and optimistic personality.


Zhìguāng is asleep at home when MetalPhantomon kidnaps him and his friends Shēngjiàn, Huī and Āměi into the Digital World. When he wakes up alone, he begins looking for his friends, but instead meets the Digimon he had been raising on his D-Cyber game, Dorimon. After getting in trouble with a Kuwagamon for failing to clean Dorimon's mess and getting some rest, Zhìguāng reunites with Huī, but discovers his friend was now controlled by MetalPhantomon. Dorimon, who has evolved into Dorumon overnight, tries to protect Zhiguāng from Huī's MetalGreymon, and warp evolves to Dorugoramon because of Zhìguāng's will to save Huī.

After training with Huī and his Agumon, Zhìguāng receives an invitation to battle from Shēngjiàn. When the group meets up with Shēngjiàn, they discover he is also under MetalPhantomon's control.