Zeromaru (ゼロマル?), often shortened to Zero (ゼロ?), is a fictional character from the manga series Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 and Digimon Xros Wars. Unlike most Digimon in the franchise, Zero has a name and is not referred to by his species.


V-1 04 01

Zeromaru's sprite in Tai's Digimon Pendulum

Veedramon is a Dragon Digimon who has a small horn on his nose and two more horns where the ears would be. He has five-clawed hands and a pair of three-clawed feet. However, Zero only has four claws on each hand. The name "Veedramon" refers to the large blue "V" on his chest. Some Digimon often point out that he looks like a puppy.


Zeromaru shares many of the personality traits belonging to his human partner Tai—he is very strong willed, but somewhat fool-hardy and hates to be underestimated. He acknowledges the fact that he can't do everything on his own, but is determined to prove his strength nonetheless. Throughout the V-Tamer 01 series, he fights against many powerful Digimon and often wins only because of Tai's tactics.


  • V-Breath Arrow: Veedramon's V-Nova Blast; Shoots out a V-shaped heat beam that can burn an enemy to crisp in seconds.
  • V-Breath Arrow MAX: Concentrates his energy into a giant V-Breath Arrow.
  • Hammer Attack: Powers up his fist and launches a punch at the enemy.
  • Magnum Punch: Punches an enemy.


Zeromaru (ゼロマル)
  • Ja: Zero (ゼロ?). Japanese for zero.
  • Ja: Maru (? lit. "Circle", sometimes used for "zero").
  • Together with Taichi Yagami, the name is a pun on "01". The use of the number "zero" twice allows their names form "100", as Tai and Zero often claim to have "100%" wins.
Zero (ゼロ)

A nickname often used for Zeromaru.


Zeromaru was created by Hiroshi Izawa. It was originally intended to be a winged Rookie Digimon that was nicknamed V.V. (ブイブイ).[1] This name was later used for Rina Shinomiya's Veevee.


Other forms[]


V-53 29 01

Botamon is Zeromaru's Fresh form.

The Super Ultimate Is


EaroV-dramon Zero Vj-7 (DM)

AeroVeedramon is Zeromaru's Ultimate form. Zero first digivolves into this form during a fight with Ghoulmon. In this new form, Zero grows wings and is now able to fly and fight in air battles.

In this new form, the Dragon Digimon fought against many more Digimon enemies before finally facing Arcadiamon. During his first battle against this powerful Digimon, he was critically wounded by Arcadiamon's special attacks. He was saved with the help of all the other Digimon he and Tai had met in their journey. The second time he fought Arcadiamon, he gained the upper hand, but soon lost again when Neo Saiba used the Digimental to Digivolve Arcadiamon to an even more powerful form. Zero was seemingly killed when he rammed himself into the massive enemy Digimon at full speed.


  • Dragon Impulse: Creates an energy dragon and releases it at his enemy.
  • V-Wing Blade: Shoots out a V-shaped blade of energy from his wings.
  • V-Breath Arrow: Shoots out a V-shaped heatbeam that burns an enemy into a crisp in a second.
  • Wind Guardian (風の守護壁?): Uses wings to call a flurry of winds that create a wind barrier.


UlforceVdramon Zero Bo-3v (DM)

UlforceVeedramon is Zeromaru's Mega form. Zero first reaches this form during the battle against Arcadiamon. Zero had rammed himself with immense speed into Arcadiamon and seemingly died from the attack. However, his data was able to instead reform into his Mega form—UlforceVeedramon. In this form Zero was more than a match for the powerful Arcadiamon. Not only was he able to protect his friends from an attack of the evil Digimon with an energy shield, but was also able to hurt the giant Digimon with his "Shining V-Force" attack. He then ripped off Arcadiamon's left arm with his "Ulforce Saber" attack.

At this point, Rei Saiba, younger sister to Arcadiamon's Tamer Neo Saiba, decided she could no longer watch the constant fighting and jumped off a cliff created by Arcadiamon's God Matrix. Rei was saved just in time by Zero and this finally caused Neo to realize his wrongdoings. At this point, Daemon, the true evil mastermind, revealed himself to be alive and emerged to battle Zero. Zeromaru fought bravely but was hurt badly when Daemon attacked his friends, thus forcing Zero to protect them with his body. However, when Tai activated the Digimental, Zero gained strength anew and was able to digivolve into his most powerful form—"UlforceVeedramon Future Mode".


  • Shining V-Force: Fires a holy energy beam from the V-shaped armor on his chest.
  • Ulforce Saber: An attack using the saber that extends from his right V-Bracelet.
  • Tensegrity Shield: Releases holy aura from his left V-Bracelet which becomes a barrier with Tensegrity structure.

UlforceVeedramon Future Mode[]

UlforceVdramon Zero Super Ultimate Bo-25v (DM)

UlforceVeedramon Future Mode is Zeromaru's Ultra form, which he reaches through the Digimental.

In this form, Zero was easily able to defeat Daemon and finally killed him by slicing him into two. Afterwards, the Digimental lost its power and Zero transformed back to UlforceVeedramon.


  • Shining V-Force
  • Ulforce V-Saber

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