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Susanoomon with the ZERO-ARMS: Orochi preparing to perform the Celestial Blade in Digimon Frontier.

ZERO-ARMS (ゼロアームズ, Zeroāmuzu) are Digital Lifeforms that serve others Digimon as weapons or vehicles. Despite not being smart, they hide a powerful power on a par with that of a Digimon Mega. The name ZERO-ARMS is an abbreviation for "Zero' ARtificial MonSter", although they are also known as "Digital Living Weapons".

ZERO-ARMS can refer to either:

  • ZERO-ARMS Orochi: A large cannon capable of emanating a long blade of light (Ama-no-Habakiri) or firing a powerful attack. When it disarms it reveals a hidden sword. It is the main weapon of Susanoomon.