Yuuya Kuga
(久我 ユウヤ Kuga Yuuya)
Yuuya Kuga b
Appears in:Digimon World Re:Digitize/Manga/Decode/Encode
First appearance Re:Digitize: "Our Routine, Evolving!!" [01]
Latest appearance Encode: "Northward" [10]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Yuki Kaida
Gender Male
Known relatives Kenzou Kuga (father)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Tamer

Yuuya Kuga (久我 ユウヤ Kuga Yuuya?) is a character in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Yuuya is the heir of GIGO Company and has a privileged account in Digital Monster.


Yuuya is a teenage boy with pale skin, blueish gray eyes, pointy ears, and short black hair, with a fringe that covers his entire forehead. He wears a black shirt with long sleeves, under a white sleeveless suit with two black buttons, a gray tie with a metallic tie clip, black pants, and white shoes with black soles. He usually carries a gray bag.



Yuuya Kuga (久我 ユウヤ)

Full name officially romanized as "Kuga Yuuya" in Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode trailers.[1]

  • Ja: Kuga (久我?). Japanese surname composed of the kanji for "old story" (?) and "I" or "oneself" (?). Possibly from replacing each kana in "GIGO" (ギゴ gigo?) with the next gojūon sound—the ka-column is ka (?), ki (?), ku (?), ke (?), ko (?), with "ku" coming after "ki", and "ko" being the last, thus being replaced by "ka", the first, with "gi" and "go" being "ki" and "ko" with dakuten.
  • Ja: Yuuya (ユウヤ?). A Japanese male name. Possibly from "yuuyami" (夕闇? lit. "dusk"), as BlackWarGreymon is a Digimon associated with darkness.



Yuuya is the heir of GIGO Company Our Routine, Evolving!! and has a privileged account in Digital Monster, which allows Black to move freely in the company's server. Don't Quit, Advance!!



Foment Northward

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