Yuuko Kamiya (八神 裕子 Yagami Yuuko?) is the mother of Tai and Kari.


Much like her daughter, Yuuko has brown hair and eyes. Her hair is always tied to a ponytail and mostly wears an apron over her usual set of clothes.


In the American English dub, there's a recurring gag where she comes up with odd recipes, like beef jerky shakes or fungus cookies. Aside from that, Yuuko is a kind, supportive mother who loves her children. Digimon: The Movie[citation needed]


Yuuko Yagami (八神 裕子)

Official name listed in the Digimon Adventure Character File and Digimon Series Memorial Book: Digimon Animation Chronicle.

  • Ja: Yagami (八神?). Japanese surname that means "eight gods".
  • Ja: Yuuko (裕子?). A Japanese feminine name that means "rich child". Likely after her late Japanese voice actress, Yuko Mizutani.


A few years prior to the Highton View Terrace incident, Yuuko married Susumu Kamiya and moved to Highton View Terrace. Eventually, she gave birth to Tai and Kari and adopted Miko. The family later moved away due to the incident, which was reported as a terrorist attack.[please confirm] Digimon Adventure My Sister's Keeper The Eighth Digivice Gatomon Comes Calling The Eighth Child Revealed Flower Power City Under Siege Prophecy The Battle for Earth Now Apocalymon The Fate of Two Worlds

During the Diaboromon incident, Yuuko cheerfully bakes a cake for Tai and Izzy, oblivious to the conflict over the Peace Keeper nuclear missile. Our War Game!


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