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Yuma Kagura (神楽 由麻 Kagura Yuma?) makes her first and only appearance in Digimon World Data Squad as a playable character.


Yuma's only known family member by name is Tsukasa Kagura, her brother. According to Tsukasa, he and Yuma were orphaned years ago. After that, Yuma was sent to live with relatives while he went to study abroad.


Yuma is first seen being captured by two DemiDevimon. She calls for Renamon, but is sucked into a portal before Renamon arrives. Later on in the game, Tsukasa tells the DATS members about Yuma. She had the ability to talk to Digimon, and befriended a Renamon. But because of her ability, she became an outcast among other kids, earning the nickname "Monster Girl". In the Mirage Museum, the DATS team sees her in a SOS video. They proceed to Livilus Island, where the message was sent from, to find Renamon. He explains that he is injured from a battle with Lilithmon. He also explains that Yuma has become part of the material that makes Lilithmon, as she lusts for her parent's love. After DATS defeats Lilithmon, Yuma and the Code Key of Lust appear. After DATS defeats Kosaburo Katsura and Birdramon, Tsukasa comes to hug his sister and reassure her.

Yuma is later upset to learn that it was Tsukasa who was behind her friends and herself being absorbed into the Mao Digimon, however she still loves him as her brother but wants to stop him causing harm to others. When she goes along with DATS and Kosaburo to confront Tsukasa as he resurrects Lucemon, she begs him to stop doing what he is doing but he is too blinded by pride to stop, which causes her great upset. However she still loves him, as shown by her reaction of horror and concern when Lucemon absorbs him. She rushes to her brother's side after he is released, following the Demon Lord's defeat.

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