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Yuji Musya (武者 ユージ Musha Yūji?) is a human character in Digimon Chronicle and Digimon Chronicle X who is partnered with Ryudamon.


Digimon Chronicle

Digimon Chronicle X

Yuji, Ouryumon, Kota Domoto, Alphamon, Omnimon X, and Gallantmon X all disappeared for a long time following the defeat of Dexmon, and even their fellow Royal Knights and King Drasil had no clue as to the whereabouts of the missing Royal Knights. The group had been travelling all over the Digital World to try and help stop the discrimination against X-Antibody Digimon, with some of the Digimon they befriended being Hououmon X, Justimon X, Seasarmon X, and the Celestial Digimon. The Power Convened by the Boys

During the battles between the Royal Knights and Seven Great Demon Lords the group are able to sense that the Demon Lords had been causing trouble, so they round up all of the friends they had made during their travels and join the battle. Kota and Yuji arrive to the battlefield on the backs of Alphamon and Ouryumon, whilst also bringing Omnimon X and a massive amount of good Digimon to help even out the large evil army of the Demon Lords. The good Digimon army then attack the evil Digimon army. Kota and Yuji After Jesmon GX kills Ogudomon X King Drasil removes the barrier between the old and new Digital Worlds and Kota and Yuji promise King Drasil they will try to find a way to expand the capacity of the Digital World so that King Drasil doesn't have to use Project Arc again. They then ask King Drasil not to interfere with Digimon too much and that the two of them will always rush to help the Digital World in times of crisis. Final Chapter

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