Yoxtu!Yoxtu!mon is a Puppet Digimon. Its whole body is composed of unique plastic yo-yos. Although it is said to have been born from image data showcasing skilful techniques in yo-yo tournaments, it has a very quarrelsome personality, and always stares into its surroundings with a sharp look. It has a sharp-bladed yo-yo on its right hand for mincing things, and a bladeless yo-yo on its left hand for beating things to a pulp, and uses them for different purposes depending on the battle situation.[2]


  • Rapper Coaster: Gets into a rhythm and minces things with its right hand.
  • One-Handed Swing (One-hand Swing): Slaps the opponent with a long swing of its left hand.
  • Torpedo Crossing: Spins its whole body and strikes the opponent. It has the disadvantage of needing a partner who can wind up its string.


Yoxtu!Yoxtu!mon is a red and blue Digimon shaped like a yo-yo with arms and legs. Its arms are smaller yo-yos, the right one covered in spikes that are able to be retracted. It wears red jester shoes with yellow stars on them. Its eyes are yellow with red slit pupils.


Yoxtu!Yoxtu!mon (ヨッ!ヨッ!モン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Yo-yo. xtu is a way of entering a sokuon (?) in a Japanese word processor.



Yoxtu!Yoxtu!mon can be unlocked by communicating with the Digimon Pocket Wars cell phone game.

Notes and references[]

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