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Yū and Gaomon!
(Yū to Gaomon!)
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At Sealsdramon's defeat, Shou is angry about Tsurugi's appearance in the Digital World. Meanwhile, Tsurugi and Agumon, very hungry, ask Trailmon to detour to a village they see in the distance, only to find that it is in ruins from the Commandments. Tsurugi then discovers that the Digivice iC can create food, only for Gaomon to steal it. In the Real World, Tooru and Ami are taken to the police station, where they meet Inspector Inui, whose own son Yu Inui has gone missing. In the Digital World's Middle Town, Agumon and Tsurugi track down Gaomon, only to find that he stole the Digivice in order to feed Yu, who has also managed to make his way into the Digital World. They are interrupted by a Tankdramon coming and killing the survivors of the initial attack. Angered, Tsurugi's Digisoul flares and Agumon attacks the Tankdramon, but to no avail. When Tsurugi firms his resolve, his Digisoul flares once more, and Agumon digivolves to GeoGreymon and reveals that he has the Dragon DigiMemory. GeoGreymon then attacks Tankdramon, only to be informed by Yu that the top is his weakpoint. Gaomon then distracts Tankdramon as GeoGreymon approaches and kills Tankdramon. Yu and Gaomon join Tsurugi and GeoGreymon on their journey.

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