Xiquemon is an Avian Digimon. It is a different kind Digimon that moves freely through air and sea. Xiquemon’s DigiCore contains fish data, letting it dive underwater to swim and hunt as if flying in the sky. The goggles it wears protects its vision while it swims. This migratory bird inhabits cold lakes and rivers, traveling the Digital World in search of new habitats whenever currents are warm enough. Spotting Xiquemon flying around in search of a nest is considered a sign of fortune, and it is well known as a Digimon that brings good omens. Its dietary intake is low, so it has a habit of using a special move to freeze and save leftover food.[2] Huankunmon's large body makes it an easy target, so it often mixes in with flocks of Xiquemon to travel around. When it moves, Huankunmon will surround the entire flock with a large bubble for protection. Since the bubble refracts light, the flock, including Huankunmon, will be invisible to the outside.[3]


  • Splash Thrash (瀑閃 Bakusen?, lit. "Waterfall Flash"): Travels underwater at high speeds then unleashes a surprise attack on the enemy. In Digimon New Century, it dive bombs the enemy, hitting it with a waterfall on impact.
  • Mortar Morsel (魚流炮 Gyoryūhō?, lit. "Fish Stream Cannon"): Fires a small fish-shaped missile from its mouth. These missiles can’t be used rapid-fire, but the impact from a single missile is great, so this is Xiquemon’s main move for finishing off foes. In Digimon New Century it attacks the enemy with its claws before firing the missile.
  • Ice Vice (冰凍爪 Hyōtōsō?, lit. "Frozen Claw"): Coats its talons in ice for close-quarters combat. This move will freeze and break any enemy it grabs, and is also used to preserve its food.



Xiquemon (シー チューモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.

  • Magpie (Pica pica) (喜鹊 Xǐquè?).


Digimon New Century[]

In April 2021 Xiquemon was a gift Digimon, given after completion of its event.

In November 2022, another Xiquemon that digivolves from Biyomon and can digivolve to Huankunmon was added.

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