Wizardmon is a supporting character in Digimon Dreamers.


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Though it is yet to actually digivolve, the latent power within its DigiCore shows it has the ability to one day digivolve to Mistymon The World of Zeroes and Ones and MedievalGallantmon. Wizardmon's Future


  • Thunder Cloud: Summons a thunder cloud which unleashes an intense lightning strike.
  • Bolt Break: Draws out the dormant power within its DigiCore in order to cast lightning sorcery powerful enough to disintegrate its target at the quantum level, at the cost of its own life. By having Pulsemon absorb the excess electricity created by the attack, it is able to use it without dying.


Digimon Dreamers[]

Wizardmon lives in Witchelny, and is friends with most of the Digimon who visit. Thunder Cloud

One day, Feresmon showed up with an army of evil Digimon claiming that magic leads to the creation of dangerous Digimon and demanded the closure of the Brocken Magical Academy as well as a prohibition on magic claiming it needed to do so to ensure the peace. The natives of Witchelny agreed to its demands in the hopes of peace but this just allowed Feresmon to take over Witchelny and rule with an iron fist. Feresmon would throw any Digimon who practiced magic into prison and young Digimon were no longer no allowed to learn magic. Since no one would use magic, and no one could learn magic, no one was able to put a stop to Feresmon's actions. Thunder Cloud

One day, Feresmon attacks Wizardmon and its friends. Pulse of Revival During the fight it uses its Demon Shout technique on Wizardmon and tells it to stab itself to death with its staff Devimon Showdown but as Wizardmon was about to Leomon throws it through a portal to another World so it could heal its wounds. Pulse of Revival Upon arriving in the Digital World, it gets amnesia. Pulse of Revival Thunder Cloud

Now memory less, it tends to spend its tame in the Sea of Memories fishing with Espimon telling Ritsu Kodo and Pulsemon they could find it there. Wizardmon of the Memory Sea

One day, when Wizardmon was fishing Pulsemon, with a tied up Ritsu, jumps out of the water, scaring Wizardmon. Pulsemon tells Wizardmon it had been looking for it, had seen it from afar whilst on the nearby cliff, and had jumped off it into the water to get to it. It tells them they wanted to go to Witchelny to lift the curse of Cypress Village and when Wizardmon tries to recall Witchely, its head begins to hurt. As it continues to try and remember about it, it gives up and tells them it has amnesia and gets headaches every time it tries to think about Witchelny. When they ask it for help to get to Witchelny, it asks them if they were looking for knowledge and after they confirm they are — it suddenly attacks them stating they are not its friends. Not scared of Wizardmon, Pulsemon fights back and Wizardmon struggles — unable to remember its finishing move. No matter how hard it tries to do an attack, random magic tricks happen instead, and as Wizardmon gets angrier and angrier it attacks Pulsemon with its fishing rod. Even without using any attacks, Wizardmon was strong — leading Pulsemon to digivolve its head into Bulkmon — which allows it to defeat the Wizard Digimon. Wizardmon apologizes for flipping out, telling it that as it has amnesia it can be of no use to the duo. A Dragomon then comes out of the sea. Wizardmon of the Memory Sea It had sensed Wizardmon's latent magical powers, and attacks it — having decided it wanted those powers for itself so it could use those powers to become ruler of the sea. Wizardmon trying to remember its powers causes it headaches, which also causes it to do random magic tricks. Dragomon is confused and demands an answer, and learns that Wizardmon has amnesia. Pulsemon digivolves its head into Bulkmon and attacks Dragomon, but its attacks do nothing to the Ultimate level Digimon. Dragomon then easily defeats the partially digivolved Pulsemon. It turns its attention back to Wizardmon, though Pulsemon refuses to give up and attacks Dragomon again. As Dragomon slams Pulsemon into a wall, Wizardmon tells it to stop and begs Ritsu to take Pulsemon away as Dragomon was here for it, not them. They refuse to back down, stating they had to protect Wizardmon as they needed to get to Witchelny to learn how to remove the curse on Cypress Village.

Feeling like it had been in a similar situation before, Wizardmon thinks back and is able to remember the time it and its friends were attacked by Feresmon. It thanks Ritsu and Pulsemon for helping it to get some of its memories back and tells Dragomon it would not be defeated by it as it had friends in Witchely to go back to. Ritsu and Pulsemon are happy to see it had regained its memories, with Wizardmon pulling its staff out of its hat so that it could fight Dragomon. Pulse of Revival Pulsemon, realizing that it had done so, reacts excitedly and tells it that it can feel the same type of pulse within it that Pulsemon itself has. Pulsemon insults Dragomon and tells it that it should get ready to lose — with Dragomon attacking Pulsemon, easily defeating it. Now turning its attention to Wizardmon, Dragomon tells it that even with its regained powers and memories it stood no chance against an Ultimate level Digimon. Wizardmon however, blocks Dragomon's Trident with its magic — shocking everyone. Pulsemon, now awake, tries to finish Dragomon off itself, but is once again defeated with very little effort from Dragomon. Dragomon attacks Wizardmon with its tentacles, but as Ritsu freaks out about how many of them there are — Wizardmon uses its staff to chop the ends of all of them off. As Wizardmon defeats Dragomon with its Thunder Cloud attack, Pulsemon begins to resonant with Wizardmon with Pulsemon happy as Wizardmon uses electric attacks as well. This has Ritsu wonder if this resonation was why the two Digimon had been so in synch since Wizardmon had got its memories back.

Pulsemon decides it wants to be as strong as Wizardmon and asks if it can have Wizardmon's staff but Wizardmon turns it down, stating that even if it had the staff it wouldn't become as strong as it. Wizardmon thanks for the duo for helping it get its memories back, then upon being asked for an explanation tells them that Witchelny, in its current state, would be unable to help them — this information shocking Ritsu and Pulsemon. Thunder Cloud

Pulsemon assumes that Wizardmon just didn't wanna share, since the magic within Witchelny should be able to help solve the digivolution curse of Cypress Village. Wizardmon tells that that that isn't the case, and that Witchelny was unable to help them as it had fallen into ruin due to Feresmon. It explains everything it had done, and becomes motivated to return home so that it could put a stop to Feresmon's rule. It tells its new friends that they can probably find a spell to help them within a spell book in the New Earth Archives in the library of the Academy but breaks the news to them that said library had been sealed and that no one was allowed to enter. Since Witchelny was unable to help them in its current state, it tells them to go there once it has been restored to its former glory with Wizardmon shocked when Pulsemon jumps onto it with a tied up Ritsu being dragged along as well. It tells Wizardmon that the two of them would obviously be going with it to Witchelny so that they could help defeat Feresmon.

Within Witchelny, Leomon is teaching a group of younger Digimon about magic. Devimon and a group of Vilemon find them though, which causes the young Digimon to run away. Devimon tells Leomon it is not allowed to teach magic, with a fight ensuing. Due to Feremon's magic, Devimon's attacks were strengthened — which allowed it to easily defeat Leomon. Devimon mocks Leomon about the supposed death of its friend Wizardmon, with Leomon telling it that Wizardmon wasn't dead and would return to them one day. Just as it was about to finish Leomon off Ghostmon, one of the Digimon Leomon had been teaching, attacks Devimon with its attacks doing nothing. It tells Devimon it wants to learn about magic so that it could use it to help other Digimon and make the World a better place but it doesn't listen and defeats Ghostmon. Leomon yells out that Devimon and the others had just monopolized magic for its own gain and had stolen the chance for younger Digimon to learn and grow with this claim angering Devimon. It turns its attention from Ghostmon back to Devimon and decides that Leomon's punishment was death. Wizardmon yells out for Devimon to stop, with Devimon shocked — only for it to see Pulsemon, with its head digivolved into Bulkmon — instead of Wizardmon. Everyone is shocked, and as they question who Pulsemon was — it attacks Devimon with its Bulkmon fist (having de-digivovled its head and digivolved its arm). Witchelny's Plight As it mocks Pulsemon, it tells it it will defeat it only be shocked when it sees Pulsemon was with Wizardmon. Leomon and Ghostmon were delighted at the fact it had returned but Devimon was less so. Devimon flies away, saying it it needs to tell Feresmon about this. Pulsemon had jumped on Devimon's back and tried to go with it but Wizardmon and the others watch and Devimon knocks it off it — causing it to drop from the sky and land on the floor.

With Devimon having escaped, the group were unable to do anything leading Leomon to take everyone to its secret hideout. Wizardmon happily reunites with its friends, with them happy to see that its wounds had been healed. They tells it that they had been teaching magic to other Digimon and had been searching for a way to defeat Feresmon, with this claim causing Pulsemon to loudly yell that it was going to defeat Feresmon. Wizardmon tells a confused crew that Pulsemon and Ritsu had helped it out and that they were going to help them defeat Feresmon, though Mojyamon doubts their skills. Ghostmon asks to come along so that it can help defeat Feresmon but Pulsemon turns it down as it didn't think it would be strong enough to help them. Determined to test out Ghostmon's strength, Pulsemon challenges it to battle and though Mojyamon tries to put a stop to it Numemon is able to talk it into allowing a battle to happen so that they could see how strong Pulsemon was. Pulsemon is able to defeat Ghostmon easily by digivolving parts of its body into Bulkmon, with the partial digivolutions shocking Wizardmon's friends. As Pulsemon boasts, Ghostmon cries stating that it didn't know just how had the residents had it since they weren't allowed to learn magic and that the fact it wasn't allowed to learn any and get stronger meant that Feresmon had stolen it and its friends futures. Ritsu corrects Ghostmon, telling it that they were pretty much as the same and explains the curse of Cypress Village. It tells Ghostmon that they don't want it to rush recklessly into battle, with Ghostmon touched by the fact they were so similar. Pulsemon tells it to stay home and leave its future in its hands, with Pulsemon's resolve bringing it to tears. Wizardmon's Witchelny friends were also impressed with its resolve. Ritsu tries to stay behind with Ghostmon but he is given little choice when Pulsemon ties him up. The group, sans Ghostmon, then leave on their journey to take down Feresmon. Potential

The united group of allies charge to the castle. Upon reaching it, they are attacked by the Vilemon. After taking them out, Minotaurmon, Cyclonemon, and DarkLizardmon ambush the group. Cyclonemon attacks Leomon, Mojyamon fights DarkLizardmon, and Numemon fights Minotaurmon. As those fights happen, Leomon yells at Wizardmon to go on with it — and the other non combatants — joining it. As the remaining party reach the castle, they run into Devimon. Devimon instantly attacks Pulsemon, with Devimon able to avoid its Bulkmon attacks this time. Wizardmon joins the fight but neither of them are able to do much to it, with Wizardmon figuring it had been magically enhanced to become stronger. By using Witchelny's magic to power itself, its power was 50% stronger than had it digivolved to the Ultimate level — making it a very powerful foe. And to make matters worse, Feresmon's abilities power it up even more. Infiltrating the Magic Castle Wizardmon explains that Feresmon's Demon Shout ability can control the actions of other Digimon. It theorizes that it must've used this ability to force the Witchelny residents to agree to get rid of magic, then explains that it had lost to Feresmon once before because of this powerful ability. The others are shocked, with Wizardmon explaining its friends had arrived just in time to stop it from stabbing itself to death with its own staff. It explains that the Demon Shout technique, alongside Feresmon's magical power enhancement, had made Devimon into nothing more than a mindless beast — a fact that shocked the others in that it would do that to one of its own allies. Pulsemon attacks Devimon with its digivolved Bulkmon arm but is easily defeated by the mindless Devimon.

Pulsemon, upset at losing, calls out how unfair it is that Devimon was cheating — especially as it had worked so hard at trying to get stronger itself by spending so much time at the gym. It asks Wizardmon to power it up with magic but Wizardmon points out that if it did it would no match match for Devimon since a powered up Rookie would still be weaker than a powered up Champion. It also says that the magic could overload its body with it not being safe to use on a Digimon not used to the power and tries to get Ritsu to reason with its own partner but Ritsu instead agrees with Pulsemon and tells Wizardmon to use the magic. With Wizardmon still refusing to power up Pulsemon, Pulsemon mocks it saying that their magic actually sucks with Wizardmon stating it wasn't stupid enough to fall for such childish tricks. Gatomon however, yells out that their magic doesn't suck and proceeds to use its own magic to power up Pulsemon. Now more powerful, it uses its digivolved Bulkmon fist to defeat Devimon. Devimon Showdown Wizardmon is then proven right, as Pulsemon collapses due to the its body being unable to handle the enhancements. It begs for food, with it regaining its energy after eating. It asks where Devimon went, with Wizardmon realizing it had escaped into the castle whilst they were fussing over Pulsemon. As they look at the door, it opens, with Wizardmon figuring Feresmon was taunting them — telling them to come fight it.

Devimon returns to Feresmon, with Feresmon upset that it would dare return to it with its tail tucked between its legs. Ashamed at Devimon for losing, it uses its Demon Shout technique and has Devimon kill itself with Ritsu and the others arriving just in time to see it happen. Pulsemon tells Feresmon to return magic to Witchelny but it refuses since ruling the World was easier with the Witchelny residents unable to use magic. Pulsemon tries to fight but is unable to digivolve its arm into Bulkmon's, with Wizardmon telling it that it hadn't fully recovered from the previous battle. Wizardmon decides it would fight instead but is unable to avoid the Demon Shout technique whilst in the middle of a jumping attack. The technique fails, however, with Wizardmon's attack causing large amounts of damage to the surprised Feresmon. It then laughs and tells Feresmon it had already told it that it would be unable to use the technique on it a second time. The Terrifying Demon's Shout It demands to know why the Demon Shout didn't work with Wizardmon happily shows off how, showing it had used magic shields to cover its ears. It then puts shields on its allies ears. It powers itself up and uses its enhanced Thunder Cloud technique it had used to defeat Dragomon with the attack seemingly defeating Feresmon. Feresmon however, sporting a new look, laughs and tells it that said attack wasn't any where near enough to defeat it. Ritsu worries that Feresmon had digivoled, since it now looked different, but Gatomon realizes it hadn't and what it had actually done was use magic to combine its Black Statue and Demon Shout techniques to give itself armor. Wizardmon attacks Feresmon again but its attacks do nothing as Feresmon's magic and armor had powered it up to become even stronger than had it digivolved to the Mega level. It uses its Demon Shout technique on Wizardmon again, and, as it was now stronger than before the technique worked even with Wizardmon covering it's ears with its magic shields. Feresmon tells Wizardmon to kill Gatomon, with Pulsemon attacking it hoping it could wake it up with its electric. This doesn't work though, and the brainwashed Wizardmon easily defeats Pulsemon. As Feresmon commands Wizardmon to kill everyone clouds appear and surround Pulsemon and Gatomon. Pulsemon is then able to absorb the electric from Wizardmon's Thunder Cloud attack. The Power of Knowledge Pulsemon boasts it was able to do so due to its training, and digivolves its head to Bulkmon's — which was now also bursting with extra power. Rather than fight Feresmon, it attacks Wizardmon with its powered up Thunder Dread attack able to snap the Wizard out of its brainwashing. The sight confuses Feresmon, bemused by its partially digivolved body, and when Pulsemon tells it about its curse and demands it tell them how to undo said curse it instead easily defeats Pulsemon.

Seeing no way to win, Wizardmon tells Feresmon to free Witchelny but Feresmon instead laughs and tells them that it intends to more than just rule Witchelny — it plans to merge the Digital World and Human World into one. Ritsu doubts it could do this, since the Human World isn't made of data like the Digital World, but Feresmon tells him that it was possible because the Human World was made up of strings which could be in both an open and closed state. As it explains the concept to Ritsu, Ritsu realizes that the strings would be in the shapes of ones and zeroes which Feresmon states would allow it to use Witchleny's magic to merge the two Worlds together and not just that — it even planned to take over the combined World and rule it. Pulsemon returns to the fight, not wanting Feresmon to achieve its goals, but Feresmon defeats it without effort once again.

Feresmon mocks the group, and asks them if they have the thirst to learn things. Ritsu and Pulsemon say they hate studying but, as Feresmon laughs, Pulsemon states that what matters is the choice to be able to study or not — and that it hates Feresmon for removing that choice for the residents of Witchelny. Feresmon points out they have no way to win, though Ritsu realizes they could probably nullify its armor by using a strong electric attack as the armor was made via the Demon's Shout as the previous Thunder Dread was powerful enough to negate it when it had been brainwashing Wizardmon. Wizardmon's Thunder Cloud had no effect on the armor before, but Wizardmon mentions it could use its Bolt Break attack to do the job. Gatomon refuses to allow it to use the attack though, as doing so would result in Wizardmon's death as its body would not be able to cope with that much electricity surging through it. As Wizardmon charges up Bolt Break, ready to sacrifice its life to stop Feresmon, Ritsu stops Wizardmon and tells it that he has an idea. The World of Zeroes and Ones Feresmon laughs, since Wizardmon would die by using the attack and tells them it was pointless anyway since even if it did sacrifice its life it'd be pointless as Bolt Break would barely make a scratch on its armor. Ritsu tells Pulsemon to absorb the excess electricity and act as an external battery so that it wouldn't kill Wizardmon — and though Gatomon thinks he's joking, Pulsemon agrees to try out the plan. Feresmon sees this as mocking, and as Wizardmon begins charging the power of its DigiCore so that could charge up enough energy to use Bolt Break its latent potential manifests as MedievalGallantmon. Feresmon becomes shocked at seeing MedievalGallantmon, and though it knew Wizardmon had an exceptional DigiCore it had no clue it had the potential to one day digivolve to such a powerful Digimon. Not wanting it to digivolve into such a Digimon in the future it decides it needed to stop playing around and actually kill Wizardmon. Gatomon attacks it to stall it and allow Wizardmon and Pulsemon to continue charging their power and as they do so, Feresmon defeats Gatomon. Feresmon is too late though, as Wizardmon is able to use Bolt Break in time and thanks to Pulsemon's help — it did so without dying. Bolt Break destroys Feresmon's armor but that's all it did, as Feresmon was still alive. Feresmon, still desiring to kill Wizardmon before it cand digivolve and spoil its plans continues to attack but everyone is shocked when Bulkmon intercepts the attack and breaks Feresmon's magic staff — Pulsemon finally having fully digivolved for the first time. As Gatomon wonders if Bolt Break's excess electricity had undone Pulsemon's curse, Ritsu celebrates the fact he had finally seen his partner digivolve. Wizardmon's Future Feresmon laughs, and congratulates it for managing to digivolving to the Champion level via a bug. It mocks it, pointing out a Champion level Digimon was still weaker than an Ultimate level, and is taken by surprise when Bulkmon punches it in the face — with the punch sending it flying across the room. Bulkmon tells it that its digivolution wasn't the result of a bug, but rather its bond with Ritsu, with Ritsu touched. Feresmon tries to fight back, only for its attacks to be easily deflected and blocked. Bulkmon meanwhile, is able to land attack after attack — with everyone shocked at just how well Bulkmon was controlling electricity. Gatomon mentions that Bulkmon as a species aren't supposed to be able to display this kind of power, with Wizardmon theorizing that it must have a special DigiCore.

Seeing it had no chance to win, Feresmon escapes through a hole in the wall with the group unable to do anything since — unlike Feresmon — they were unable to fly. Bulkmon, refusing to give up, tells Ritsu to believe in it. Ritsu reminisces about the past and tells his partner that he was going to delete it since it couldn't digivolve and said that, at the time, the reason he didn't was because he felt deep down they were the same, as he didn't want to grow up either. He tells his partner that he learned he was wrong, and that Pulsemon did want to grow up, and had been working really hard to be able to do so. Ritsu feels Bulkmon's strength and courage resonating inside of him and with their feelings synched together — Ritsu yells out for Bukmon to fly. To everyone's shock, including Feresmon's now that Bulkmon had quickly caught up, it works — with wings made of electricity appearing on Bulkmon's back. Now in the air, it attacks Feresmon — their battle continuing from where they had left off. A DREAM TO DIGIVOLVE

Ritsu, Gatomon, and Wizardmon watch on in shock at with they're seeing — with Ritsu telling the other two that he had felt Bulkmon's courage flowing through him. They watch as Bulkmon defeats Feresmon, with Feresmon freaking out as it realizes it was dying — yelling out for its master Barbamon to save it. To Feremon's surprise, Barbamon actually does show up — not to save it — but to tell it that they needed to re-think their strategy to take over Witchelny and that continuing to fight was too dangerous. It tells it that Wizardmon was about to awaken to its potential as MedievalGallantmon and that if they continue to fight they would both be taken out by MedievalGallantmon. Not wanting this to happen, Barbamon simply watches as Feresmon falls to the ground. It then leaves.

Ritsu and the others travel around Witchelny, telling them of their victory — with all the residents celebrating this fact. Ghostmon congratulates Bulkmon for having been able to digivolve to the Champion level, whilst Leomon thanks it for saving Witchelny. Bulkmon boasts about its partnership with Ritsu and shows off that it can now use its wings whenever it wants, though as it does it de-digivolves to Pulsemon. This has the group realize that it really must've been a temporary glitch caused by electricity and that the it was still cursed. As Pulsemon complains about being at the Rookie level again, Wizardmon reminds it that they now had access to the library. It had already gone there and got the Anti-Digivolution Curse book they were looking for and made them a copy. Ecstatic, Pulsemon declares it will digivolve to become the strongest of all Mega Digimon — with Wizardmon telling Pulsemon that it wants to meet again one. Pulsemon agrees, and after a fist bump between friends — Wizardmon opens a portal to send them back. Everyone then waves them goodbye as they get sucked into the portal. RITSU KODO

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