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Wizardmon's Future
(Wizāmon no Mirai)
"Wizarmon's Future"
Publisher Digimon.net
Release date (Ja:) December 4, 2023
(En:) December 3, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Whilst Pulsemon and the others fought Feresmon inside the castle, their allies were still fighting Feresmon's minions outside the castle. After they are able to dispatch of DarkLizardmon, Cyclonemon, and Minotaurmon they are attacked by the large group of Vilemon — with Leomon annoyed since the battles were making them unable to join the others against Feresmon.

Ritsu Kodo has just stopped Wizardmon from using its Bolt Break attack, telling it that he had an idea. Feresmon laughs, since Wizardmon would die by using the attack and tells them it was pointless anyway since even if it did sacrifice its life it'd be pointless as Bolt Break would barely make a scratch on its armor. Ritsu tells Pulsemon to absorb the excess electricity and act as an external battery so that it wouldn't kill Wizardmon — and though Gatomon thinks he's joking, Pulsemon agrees to try out the plan. Feresmon sees this as mocking, and as Wizardmon begins charging the power of its DigiCore so that could charge up enough energy to use Bolt Break its latent potential manifests as MedievalGallantmon. Feresmon becomes shocked at seeing MedievalGallantmon, and though it knew Wizardmon had an exceptional DigiCore it had no clue it had the potential to one day digivolve to such a powerful Digimon. Not wanting it to digivolve into such a Digimon in the future it decides it needed to stop playing around and actually kill Wizardmon. Gatomon attacks it to stall it and allow Wizardmon and Pulsemon to continue charging their power and as they do so, Feresmon defeats Gatomon. Feresmon is too late though, as Wizardmon is able to use Bolt Break in time and thanks to Pulsemon's help — it did so without dying. Bolt Break destroys Feresmon's armor but that's all it did, as Feresmon was still alive. Feresmon, still desiring to kill Wizardmon before it can digivolve and spoil its plans continues to attack but everyone is shocked when Bulkmon intercepts the attack and breaks Feresmon's magic staff — Pulsemon finally having fully digivolved for the first time. As Gatomon wonders if Bolt Break's excess electricity had undone Pulsemon's curse, Ritsu celebrates the fact he had finally seen his partner digivolve.

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