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Witchelny's Plight
(Wiccherunī no Sanjō)
"Witchelny's Disaster"
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) December 2, 2022
(En:) October 1, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Pulsemon is shocked, having just learned from Wizardmon that Witchelny would be unable to help them in its current state. It assumes that Wizardmon just didn't wanna share, since the magic within Witchelny should be able to help solve the digivolution curse of Cypress Village. Wizardmon tells that that that isn't the case, and that Witchelny was unable to help them as it had fallen into ruin due to Feresmon. Feresmon's actions were causing Witchelny magic to gradually fade away.

Wizardmon explains that Witchelny used to be a World centered around Digimon that used magic, with Witchelny itself centered around the Brocken Magical Academy. One day, Feresmon showed up with an army of evil Digimon claiming that magic leads to the creation of dangerous Digimon and demanded the closure of the academy as well as a prohibition on magic claiming it needed to do so to ensure the peace. The natives of Witchelny agreed to its demands in the hopes of peace but this just allowed Feresmon to take over Witchelny and rule with an iron fist. Feresmon would throw any Digimon who practiced magic into prison and young Digimon were no longer no allowed to learn magic. Since no one would use magic, and no one could learn magic, no one was able to put a stop to Feresmon's actions. Wizardmon had tried to stop it but had lost and had only just managed to get away, getting amnesia in the process.

With its memories returned, Wizardmon becomes motivated to return home so that it could put a stop to Feresmon's rule. It tells its new friends that they can probably find a spell to help them within a spell book in the New Earth Archives in the library of the Academy but breaks the news to them that said library had been sealed and that no one was allowed to enter. Since Witchelny was unable to help them in its current state, it tells them to go there once it has been restored to its former glory with Wizardmon shocked when Pulsemon jumps onto it with a tied up Ritsu being dragged along as well. It tells Wizardmon that the two of them would obviously be going with it to Witchelny so that they could help defeat Feresmon.

Within Witchelny, Leomon is teaching a group of younger Digimon about magic. Devimon and a group of Vilemon find them though, which causes the young Digimon to run away. Devimon tells Leomon it is not allowed to teach magic, with a fight ensuing. Due to Feremon's magic, Devimon's attacks were strengthened — which allowed it to easily defeat Leomon. Devimon mocks Leomon about the supposed death of its friend Wizardmon, with Leomon telling it that Wizardmon wasn't dead and would return to them one day. Just as it was about to finish Leomon off Ghostmon, one of the Digimon Leomon had been teaching, attacks Devimon with its attacks doing nothing. It tells Devimon it wants to learn about magic so that it could use it to help other Digimon and make the World a better place but it doesn't listen and defeats Ghostmon. Leomon yells out that Devimon and the others had just monopolized magic for its own gain and had stolen the chance for younger Digimon to learn and grow with this claim angering Devimon. It turns its attention from Ghostmon back to Leomon and decides that Leomon's punishment was death. Wizardmon yells out for Devimon to stop, with Devimon shocked — only for it to see Pulsemon, with its head digivolved into Bulkmon — instead of Wizardmon. Everyone is shocked, and as they question who Pulsemon was — it attacks Devimon with its Bulkmon fist (having de-digivovled its head and digivolved its arm).

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