Witchelny (ウィッチェルニー Wiccherunī?) is an alternate dimension to the Digital World within the Digimon franchise and home to practitioners of sorcery. Digimon of this area sometimes travel to the normal Digital World in order to further their own skills, such as Wizardmon[1] and Witchmon[2]. Witchelny's sorcery is another name for high programming languages and come in four systems: fire, earth, wind and water. The "Vortex Warriors" are a group in Witchelny who fight using weapons made from wind sorcery.[3]

In ancient Witchelny, when sorcery was still immature and had no means for it to defend itself from foreign invasions, it was on the road to ruin, but MedievalGallantmon suddenly appeared and completely repelled the invaders.[3]

Hexeblaumon protected other Digimon until the very end during an ice age that came to the Digital World long ago, and was later rumored to have moved to Witchelny.[4]

In this world, there is a school of magic located atop a place called Mount Brocken (ブロッケン山 Burokken-yama?) where young Digimon learn sorcery.[5]

Witchelny is based off another v-pet, Magical Witches. In the Witchelny of Magical Witches, there exist four clans of witches and wizards representing each of the four elements, known as the Aquary Clan (water), the Energe Clan (fire), the Earthlin Clan (earth), and Baluluna Clan (wind). A single series of book-shaped Magical Witches v-pets were released, known as the Four Elemental Communication Books, with each containing a witch or wizard from a different clan. Witchmon's attacks are references to these clans.


Before the World Ends

Wizardmon reveals to Gatomon that he comes from a different world from the Digital World, referring to Witchelny.[citation needed]

Digimon Chronicle X

Wizardmon X came from Witchelny to help protect the Digital World. Courage from Another World[citation needed]

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