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Wisemon t
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Show Hayami
(En:) Dan Woren (22-32), Steve Kramer (33-)
Partner(s):Fusion Fighters/United Army

Wisemon is a member of the Fusion Fighters in Digimon Fusion. He is a brilliant researcher who is studying the Digital World itself when Mikey meets him, and decides to join the Fusion Fighters in order to study Mikey as well.


Before meeting Mikey, Wisemon lived in a book which traveled the world in-between the zones, studying Digimon and the Digital World. Normally, he would faint from hunger because he was wrapped up in his studies. Wisemon learned about Mikey's "Can't Turn My Back phenomenon" after meeting him, sacrificing his book to help save his friends from Arukadhimon. Although it seemed like he had died, Wisemon actually moved into Mikey's Fusion Loader, joining the Fusion Fighters as he sets up a new laboratory to study Mikey. Lost in Digital Space

While the Fusion Fighters were trapped in the Digital Underworld, Wisemon studies the rose petal on Mikey and notes that it is linked with Ewan and both of the castles. In order to escape normally, one of them would have to die, but he hacks into the program and shocks Mikey to fool the system to thinking that he had died so the portal would open.

During the DigiQuartz hunt, Wisemon also made a machine to allow Mikey's Digimon to transfer into his Fusion Loader. Students have Vanished! The Flickering Shadow of Sagomon


  • Pandora Dialogue: Repeatedly preserves the opponent's attacks within space-time, then plays them back at high speed.
  • Eternal Nirvana: Imprisons the opponent within the Space-time Stones for an eternity.

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