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Winr (サイキヨ Saikiyo?) is one of the main characters of the Digimon Liberator web novel. His partner is FunBeemon, and he plays a Royal Base Control deck.[1]


A fifth-grade elementary school student who started playing the card game due to Digimon Liberator, having been a beta tester. He has an introverted personality and finds it difficult to interact with others, but he has opened up to his friend Yuuki, whom he knows from the beta test. He actually appreciates her inability to read the atmosphere. However, as young as he is, he understands that bonds with others can easily break, and as a result, he tries not to get too attached. Yet, his encounter with FunBeemon right after the official launch of the game begins to change his perspective gradually.[1]

Winr has a crush on Yuuki. DEBUG.2-2 GOOD GAME



Saikiyo (ユウキ)

Official Japanese Name and romanization used on the Digimon Liberator website.

  • Ja: A play on the world Saikyo (最強?), meaning "strongest".

Official English name used on the Digimon Liberator website.


Digimon Liberator (web novel)[]

Winr is part of the De-bug team for Digimon Liberator, helping to deal with any internal issues that arise within the game.

Shortly after the launch of the game, Winr met and became partners with FunBeemon.

Due to the large number of NPCs going rogue, the team were dispatched to hunt them down. They are also tasked with hunting down wild Digimon and turning them into cards, as the wild Digimon feature wasn't yet supposed to have gone live and was causing the game issues.

During his time as part of the de-bug team, Winr become close friends with fellow member Yuuki.

After gaining a new deck via a glitch and defeating a rogue NPC, Yuuki and Impmon become so overexcited they challenge the main scenario and drag Winr alongside with them. Despite the new deck, she is defeated easily by the NPC and its deck focused around EX7-047: Tlalocmon. She lost so fast, Winr couldn't even analyse the NPC's deck. DEBUG.2-1 Winr

Shortly afterwards, Winr defeats a rogue NPC and gains new cards just like Yuuki had told him about. He also got a new ability for his Tamer card. He decides to fight the prior NPC himself, and insists to FunBeemon that he wasn't fighting to avenge her and instead figured a deck that had defeated Yuuki would be a good test for his own new deck. He claims he had also gotten annoyed at how popular she had gotten lately, so figured he would steal said popularity by defeating something Yuuki was unable to defeat. DEBUG.2-1 Winr His real plan was to defeat the NPC and then teach Yuuki how to defeat it so that she would be impressed by him as he had a crush on her. DEBUG.2-2 GOOD GAME

He returns to the Emerald Coast, and stands in the open enjoying the wind. FunBeemon arrives and tells her partner to take shelter, since the powerful winds could blow him away with how small he is. Winr points out the hypocrisy, since FunBeemon is the one who gets blown away by the wind, and as he expresses his annoyance, FunBeemon asks him what's wrong and tells him that it had invited him here to help cheer him up as he had spent a long time looking at the area on his map. As FunBeemon laughs at how badly Yuuki lost, it asks Winr if he planned to fight Tlalocmon as well — with him confirming that he did indeed plan to do so. Funbeemon assumes he wanted to avenge his friend, though he lies about his reasons in wanting to duel it. Winr brings up his inventory and shows off his newly obtained cards to FunBeemon with the duo marvelling over their new cards. Winr then asks FunBeemon if it would like to become the Queen of the Royal Base.

As the duo leave the Forest, Winr appears to doubt himself — stating he was worried the cards could actually terrible and cause them to lose, though FunBeemon calms him down by telling him not to worry about it and that it can tell he's actually excited to try them as he is always so meticulous about his deck. They continue on, eventually finding themselves in the rainforest where Yuuki fought Tlalocmon. Shortly afterwards, they find the NPC responsible for playing the Tlalocmon Deck and prepare to duel. DEBUG.2-1 Winr

After he wins, Winr looks at his rewards, with FunBeemon points out they had gotten revenge for Yuuki. Winr continues to lie about his reasons for dueling the NPC, with FunBeemon reacts confused, stating his face clearly showed he was happy he had gotten revenge for her. He ignores FunBeemon and tells her that Yuuki and Impmon had probably finished bickering by now and were ready for a rematch and that they would be unable to win without help and would come crying to him again after their inevitable second loss. He then admits his real reasons for dueling the NPC, blushing having admitted his feelings towards her. Happy to see Winr admit those feelings, FunBeemon hugs him and asks him why he had come to LACUNA. He tells her that he wanted to test cards in the game before buying them in real life, complete the game's storyline, and would be yelled by Yuuki if he didn't play with her though quickly admits his real reason is because his parents are always fighting and as such he didn't want to go home. After ending the hug, FunBeemon asks if he was going to log off though he says he will play some more as he wants to test out his new deck a little more. FunBeemon flies off, presumably to to find someone for Winr to play against — with Winr giving chase. DEBUG.2-2 GOOD GAME

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