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BATTLE01: Welcome to the Digimon Net Game!
(Dejimon Netto Gēmu he Youkoso!)
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After winning in a Digimon Tamer tournament consisting of his soccer club, Tsurugi Tatsuno is invited by his friend Tooru to try his partner, Greymon, out against opponents all around the world on "Net Battle" (ネット対戦 Netto Taisen?). Accessing this virtual world through the Digimon Battle Terminal, Tsurugi creates an avatar which looks like him expect for one difference: he has goggles. Upon meeting Greymon, he proceeds to battle against Saitou, whom he discovers has a Greymon much larger than his. He wins because what Greymon lacks in size he makes up for in pure speed. After winning several battles, Tsurugi logs off of the game, but is attacked by a Kuwagamon in the bathroom. When he is about to be killed, Greymon realizes from his Digimon Mini to protect him.

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