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Welcome to LACUNA
Publisher Digimoncard.com
Release date (Ja:) April 25, 2024
(En:) April 25, 2024


On his phone, Shoto Kazama watches the finals of the Digimon World Card Championship, but to his shock, Zenith manages to unseat the reigning Champion, Owen Dreadnought.

Zenith is interviewed after the duel, and declares his next goal is to become the best Digimon Liberator player in the World. He explains that he had beta tested Liberator and that it would be hosting the next tournament.

As Shoto mulls this over, he gets a call from his friend Arisa Kinosaki, inviting him to play Digimon Liberator with her. He balks at first but relents when she points out Owen will be playing it.

The duo meet up at the arcade to log into LACUNA, and after connecting their D-STORAGE to the T.A.L.E — full dive into Digimon Liberator. After landing, Shoto looks on in horror upon seeing Arisa's Junkmon with Arisa explaining how to play the game. Shoto follows her instructions, which leads to his Muchomon trading card coming to life. Delighted to see each other, Shoto and Muchomon hug.

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