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Water Ghost
(Mizu no Yūrei)
Airdate (Ja:) January 22, 2023
(En:) January 21, 2023 (subbed)
Written by Shinzō Fujita
Directed by Akihiro Nakamura
Chief Anim.
Hisashi Kagawa (chief)
Makoto Ozawa, Yasuhiko Ōyama, Hirotaka Nii, Kumi Nakajou, Yūki Ushiro, and Daisuke Ishibashi
Art Mai Ichioka
Toei Animation
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While visiting a town for a festival, Hiro's group must deal with a strange water.


At a night cruise party, a flying figure throws water at a drunken woman's head, causing strange water to flow out from her eyes and mouth. The following morning the cruise washes up in the beach, and police officers and firefighters enter it looking for victims, but end up afflicted by the same condition.

Hiro Amanokawa, Gammamon, Ruli Tsukiyono, Angoramon, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai, Jellymon arrive in the town looking for the Unagami Shrine for a festival that is happening, with Jellymon excited for a photo session where visitors can dress as miko. On their way to the shrine, it suddenly starts to rain, and Kiyoshiro notices the water is weird. Angoramon and Jellymon fly up to check it out, noticing the water is coming from a flooded building, filled with people that have water flowing out from their eyes and mouths. The water's pressure breaks the windows, causing the water to fall into the street and soak other people. The grounded quartet notices anyone whose head is soaked is afflicted by the strange condition, while people with umbrellas are not affected. They make way for the mountain where the Shrine is.

The mysterious figure continues making victims on the team's path, and Hiro and Ruli tell people to evacuate and avoid having their heads soaked. Angoramon and Jellymon rendezvous with the other four and note how all the buildings in town have water flowing from them. The six join townsfolk who have escaped to the mountain. Hiro's group overhears two men talking about the ocean god's curse. They learn from the people about the cruise ship that drifted earlier, and about a dried-up mummy that was found in the woods two weeks before. The townspeople believed the object was connected to the ocean god and planned to enshrine it in the festival Hiro's group came to attend.

As Hiro's group continues their path to the shrine, they reminisce about Kuzuhamon and Lilithmon's words about "the one" who sent Digimon to the Human World. As the group is about to cross a lake formed by the strange water, they meet Submarimon, who tells them a group of Divermon are responsible for the water, but has no idea behind their motivations. They figure out water-dwelling Digimon like Submarimon and Jellymon herself are unaffected by the water.

Submarimon helps the group reach Unagami Shrine, where they find the mummy. As Hiro and Angoramon transport the mummy, she opens her eyes and dives in the water, regenerating and revealing herself to be Cthyllamon. Cthyllamon playfully throws the water at Hiro and Ruli, afflicting with the same condition as the rest of the town. Cthyllamon is surprised but amused. The Divermon meet Cthyllamon, who is their leader. Cthyllamon reveals she lost track of time visiting the Human World, and dried up after getting trapped in a tree. Cthyllamon tells the Divermon to extract more life water from humans. The two groups start battling and Jellymon warp digivolves to Thetismon, but Cthyllamon's group dives away, planning to extract water from every human in the world. Kiyoshiro decides to resist his fear in order to save the world.

Submarimon helps the group fight underwater by housing Kiyoshiro and Gammamon, while Angoramon dives with an oxygen tank taken from a Divermon. Cthyllamon realizes Kiyoshiro is powering Thetismon and orders the Divermon to throw him out into the water. Cthyllamon traps Thetismon with her extensible tongues. Thetismon tries to reason with Cthyllamon that her plan of extracting the life water from every human would mean the end of mankind, but the Pixie Digimon reveals she only cares about having fun.

The Divermon manage to pull Kiyoshiro out of Submarimon. Kiyoshiro and Thetismon remember all the fun times they had. Thetismon comes to the conclusion she likes humans, and both of their combined resolves to protect mankind cause Thetismon to mega digivolve into Amphimon, who is able to create a shield protecting Kiyoshiro from the Divermon's water with her "Umbre Defender". Kiyoshiro creates a Pseudo Digital World, and Thetismon easily overpowers Cthyllamon. Defeated, Cthyllamon starts crying childishly because all she wanted was to make the Human World into a playground. Amphimon convinces Cthyllamon she should love humans and restore the town to normal.

After the city is returned to normal, Cthyllamon and Divermon decide to play in the sea. Hiro asks if they know anything about the one sending Digimon to the Human World, but neither Cthyllamon or Submarimon know anything about it. At sunset time, the six are at Unagami Shrine, while Kiyoshiro takes a picture of Ruli and Kiyoshiro dressed as miko.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor
  • Submarimon (20)
  • Sepikmon (27)

Hiro's Digimon Study Files[]

Buccal Rush
Ocean Hell
Aqua Grinder
Hiro: "Cthyllamon"
Angoramon: "It's sometimes called the ocean ghost because of the skull on its chest."
Ruli: "On the night of Obon, countless hands reach out from the waves screaming, "Give me a ladle!" If you hand one over, it scoops water into your boat until it's flooded and sunk!"
Kiyoshiro: "The only ocean I'm getting near is on the Internet!"


Jellymon 1 Thetismon 2 Amphimon 3 Jellymon
Jellymon b Arrow RR Thetismon b Arrow R Amphimon b Arrow RR Red Jellymon b


"Here by the sea, the red and white fabric billow in the sun. The two stand handsomely together."

Angoramon's poem for the episode.

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