WarGrowlmon (Yellow) is a Cyborg Digimon. It digivolved from a data-type Growlmon. The restraint on its jaw keeps it under control.[3] It can annihilate its enemies with the variety of weapons it has.[2]


  • Double Edge: Cuts the opponent to pieces with the Pendulum Blades.
  • Atomic Blaster: Fires an attack from both of the gunports on its chest that destroys the opponent on the atomic level.
  • Megalo Spark: Emits an electric shock from its chest.
  • Hammer Edge: Stabs the enemy with its Chrome Digizoid claws.


Its harness is adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, and the DigiCode on its stripes read DC de.pngDC ji.pngDC ta.pngDC ru.pngDC mo.pngDC n.pngDC su.pngDC ta.pngDC chouon.png (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā?, lit. "Digital Monster").


MegaloGrawmon (Orange) (メガログラウモン(橙)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in some Japanese media. Some media leave out the "(Orange)".[4]

WarGrowlmon (Yellow)

Name used in the American English version of Digimon World Data Squad.


Digimon World Data Squad

WarGrowlmon (Yellow) is a Digivolution in Falcomon's galaxy once the following requirements have been met:

  • Unlocked Growlmon (Yellow).
  • 200 STR.
  • Defeated 10 Dragon's Roar Digimon.
  • Defeated 15 Ultimate level Digimon.
  • Unlocked 7 other digivolutions for Falcomon.
  • Level 28.
  • Dealt 3000 damage in one attack.

Digimon World Re:Digitize

Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode

Digimon World: Next Order

WarGrowlmon (Orange) is a Weapon Data type, Ultimate level Digimon. It digivolves from Greymon, Kuwagamon, Growlmon (Orange), and RedVegiemon and can digivolve into Examon, RustTyranomon, and WarGreymon. If the poop gauge hits max, it will digivolve into PlatinumSukamon.

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