Volcanicdramon b
Title Fire Blasting Dragon
(爆炎の竜 Bakuen no Ryū?,
lit. "Explosive Flame Dragon")
Level Mega
Type Earth Dragon
Attribute Virus
Debut Digimon Links
Prior forms Lavogaritamon[1]

Volcanicdramon is an Earth Dragon Digimon. It is a Digimon said to be a dragon that swims in magma, it is thought to live in a place so deep underground that not even Digimon that move about there can reach it. According to some researchers, there are a few who argue that it might have been Volcanicdramon that supported the World from deep beneath the ground ever since the Digital World was created. Should Volcanicdramon ever rise to the surface, it may be that some kind of crisis is occurring in the Digital World.[2]


  • Volcanic Flare: Spews scorching hot flames from its mouth. The area incinerated by Volcanicdramon never returns to the way it was, and becomes an uninhabitable wasteland for all eternity.
  • Glide Blaze: Rams the enemy while sending out scorching flames hotter than even magma from its whole body.



Volcanicdramon (ヴォルケニックドラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise. Some media capitalize the "Dra".


Digimon Links

Volcanicdramon is the subject of the "Dragon Shadow of the Fire Blast" event. It is a supremely powerful Digimon found deep in a volcanic region that scrambles Hina Kurihara's ability to contact the player. The player defeats it to end its threat, only to have it flee. A second look at the volcanic region reveals a fiery DigiCore that turns into Vorvomon once retrieved and analyzed. Volcanicdramon then comes and attacks the DigiFarm, showing the ability to turn everything around it into a volcanic region, undoing all of the player's work in restoring the Digital World. The player is able to fend it off once more and stabilize the region. Volcanicdramon creates Mutant Digimon.

Volcanicdramon digivolves from the various versions of Lavogaritamon. There are ATK, S-ATK, DEF, S-DEF, SPD & ATK, SPD & S-ATK and balanced versions.

Notes and references

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