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Vital Bracelet Digital Monster White Boxed

Vital Hero Digital Monster (バイタルブレス デジタルモンスター Baitaru Buresu Dejitaru Monsutā?, lit. "Vital Bracelet Digital Monster") is a Wearable Terminal Type Digital Monster Virtual Pet. It is succeeded by the Vital Bracelet BE.


The Digivice works just like a fitness bracelet. The user can walk with it, leveling up the Digimon, fighting others, and digivolving it. The user can also insert DIM Cards to unlock new Digimon. The bracelet can be linked to an app, in order to save the Digimon's data. It has compatibility with Digimon Vital Bracelet Lab and Vital Bracelet Arena to store and upload progress.


Vital Bracelet Digital Monster[]

Version Release Date
ver.BLACK March 13, 2021
ver.WHITE March 13, 2021
ver.SPECIAL March 13, 2021 (Bandai Collectors Shop Exclusive)

Vital Bracelet Digivice -V-[]

The Vital Bracelet Digivice-V- is as an expansion of the original bracelet and also acts as a Digivice in Digimon Ghost Game. It has increased user-friendly design, with the ability to put a Digimon to sleep on command instead of at certain times, as well as allowing the Digivolution timer to continue to tick down while the Digimon is asleep, as well as less penalties overall.

Version Release Date
Digivice-V- October 2, 2021

Vital Hero Digital Monster[]

The Vital Hero Digital Monster is the English release of the virtual pet. It has the same outward appearance as the original Vital Bracelet Digital Monster except with a longer wristband as well as the updated software of the Vital Bracelet Digivice -V-.

Version Release Date
ver.BLACK July 21, 2022
ver.BLUE July 21, 2022
ver.RED July 21, 2022