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Vital Bracelet Lab
Airdate April 16, 2021
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At night time, a Vital Bracelet and a BlackWarGreymon spawn in the City.

Some time later, a young woman finds the Vital Bracelet on the floor and after she picks it up, the Digi-Egg inside it hatches. Palmon, having hatched from the Digi-Egg, watches its Tamer from afar and sees her phone receive a notification on her smartphone stating that the Digital Monster Vital Bracelet Lab app had just been installed. As she looks through the app, checking out the stats of various Digimon, Palmon appears before her and the two become friends.

They then spend time together, walking around the City, fighting other Digimon, and eventually Palmon falls asleep on its Tamers lap. As they do, the Protagonist takes a walk around the City and is challenged to a battle, which he accepts and is transported to the battle arena where he sees the challenge is a rematch against Agumon's Tamer and Greymon.

As Bulkmon and Greymon fight, Palmon's Tamer is asked about opening a gate to the Black Roar area. After she opens it, it glitches as BlackWarGreymon tries to get out of the gate and spawn into the City. The glitches extend to the City and cause blackouts, including in the battle arena – which puts a stop to Greymon and Bulkmon's fight. The two Tamers run out of the battle arena to try and see what's wrong and see all the glitches and black outs all over the City. Suddenly, multiple Digimon spawn in the City after which a countdown to a raid battle begins.

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  • Palmon appears in this episode, two months before it was revealed to be a raiseable Digimon in Hermit in the Jungle.

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