Violet Inboots (ヴァイオレット・インブーツ Vuaioretto Inbūtsu?), also known by the nickname Vi (ヴィオラ Viola?, Vuiora), is a character in Digimon Liberator. Her partner is Ghostmon, and she plays multiple different decks. Her named decks are a "Three Musketeers Control" deck and a "Ghost's Reanimation" deck — but she also has decks for Loogamon, Apocalymon, Anubismon, and MetalGarurumon (X-Antibody).




Violet Inboots (ヴァイオレット・インブーツ)

Name used in Digimon Liberator. It presumably isn't her real name.

  • (En:) Violet, in reference to the color of her outfit.
  • Inboots. A combination of "In" and "Boots", to detonate that she is wearing boots. May be a reference to Puss in Boots.
Viola (ヴィオラ)

Nickname used in the Japanese version of Digimon Liberator.

  • (Ja:) Viola, A Japanese female name; presumably given to herself via her obsession with Japan. Similar to Violet.

Nickname used in the English version of Digimon Liberator.


Violet is a wealthy foreign exchange student who moved to Japan. She is a big fan of anime and video games and pretends to be a tsundere, under the mistaken impression it would help her make friends. She uses her money to try and become the best at all video games, though it doesn't help as she is merely average at them. She is in the same class as Arisa Kinosaki, and considers both her and Arisa's childhood friend Shoto Kazama to be her rivals. She uses a different deck against them every time she comes across them.[1]


Digimon Liberator[]

Being a massive fan of games and anime, Violet moved from an unspecified foreign country to Japan with the help of her wealthy parents — finding herself in Arisa Kinosaki's class. She is a big fan of the Digimon Card Game, using her parents money to buy countless cards, and eventually begins playing Digimon Liberator.

Whilst playing the game, she comes across the wild Digimon Ghostmon and it becomes her partner.

Violet goes to City Center Jewel to report having found new Digimon to the GMs, with Arisa and Shoto Kazama also having arrived to report information to the GMs. Violet goes up to them and expresses surprise at them being there. Arisa notices she was hanging out with Ghostmon, asking if she had always had it and she had simply never noticed. She introduces them to her new partner with Ghostmon posing for Violet's friends. She asks if they were there to see a GM as well, and tells them that she was there as she wanted to tell the GMs she had found a new Digimon. Arisa begins saying they too had found new Digimon but is interrupted by Shoto before she could complete her sentence with him telling her that if they tell her about their new Digimon she will talk about them for so long hours will pass and they won't be able to go shopping. Arisa realizes he is right and shuts up, with Shoto telling Violet about how they had ran into a bugged NPC and so wanted to tell the GMs about it. Finding the story interesting, Violet begins to talk about how she had heard the same thing from others then starts to talk about Ghostmon. Realizing the hours long conversation was about to happen, Shoto cuts her off and runs away — dragging Arisa with him. Shrinking Violet (Part 1)

After the duo leave Cool Boy's room, having told him about what happened to them, Violet watches them with the duo unaware Violet was listening in to their conversation. They joke about Arsia's upcoming University entrance exams, followed by the alarms on their D-STORAGEs sounding — indicating it was time for them to return to the real world since Arisa had to go to class. They say goodbye to their partner Digimon as they log out.

The next day, Shoto fees Pteromon from the D-STORAGE — with Pteromon having been trapped inside it the entire night. Finally free, it flies around — yelling about how awful it was to be trapped inside a Digivice. As he watches Pteromon flying around, he warns it about sticking out too much though this becomes moot when Violet walks up to the lively group. Caught red headed with both Pteromon and Shoemon in the open they try to deny having unknown Digimon, with it not working as Violet had already done her research with there being no record of their new partners existence as Digimon species. Finding the newly discovered Digimon cute, she challenges Arisa to a duel telling her that if she wins she has to give Shoemon to her as a reward. Shrinking Violet (Part 2)

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