Vemmon is a Digimon.


Vemmon resembles a small alien, with three-fingered hands and digitigrade legs. Its whole body is a shade of purple, its helmet slightly darker than its torso. Vemmon has green eyes, and its left one is hidden by the black visor on its helmet, which completely covers its elongated head. Its mouth is based on Tentomon's.[3] It has metal collar around its neck with a chain is attached to the left side of it. It has a white "01" on the left side of its chest.

Its in-game model is reversed from its design.[1]


Vemmon (ベムモン)

Name used in Digimon World 3. No official romanization available.


Vemmon was designed by αρχιμεδεs, and was originally an alternate design for Snatchmon.[1]


Digimon World 3

Vemmon at first appears to be very weak. It only has a basic attack capable of draining the affected Digimon's MP.

Vemmon's true power, however, is far more incredible. It is an artificial Digimon, created by humans as a multi-purpose weapon. Vemmon have the unique ability to combine their matrix data with technology, allowing them to turn themselves into a living embodiment of the machine they assimilate. In the game, only two ever achieve this, and both were ultimately destroyed. Late in the game four Vemmon fused in order to combine their matrix data to digivolve into Snatchmon, which is capable of completely absorbing other forms of life.

Vemmon also had an ability to turn humans into Oinkmon, a pig-like Digimon of little use or importance.

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