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BATTLE07: VS CannonBeemon!
(Bāsasu KyanonBīmon!)
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After digivolving from Waspmon, CannonBeemon wastes no time in attacking Agumon and Gaomon. Gaomon tells Agumon to free the Tamers; drawing the attention of the FanBeemon, Agumon rushes in while Gaomon stays behind to delay CannonBeemon. Gaomon asks CannonBeemon Barbamon's reasons for his Commandments—he responds with purification; Barbamon plans to create a new Digital World by deleting the old. Gaomon then uses Tankdramon's digiegg as a shield, hoping that loyalty to comrades would stop CannonBeemon, only to be viciously disabused of the notion when CannonBeemon attacks anyway, damaging the digiegg and severely harming Gaomon's leg. The Tamers return just in time to see a blaze of attacks leaving Gaomon unconscious and on the verge of death. His Digisoul spurred by Yuu's tears, Tsurugi digivolves Agumon to GeoGreymon, who the proceeds to deliver a beatdown. CannonBeemon flies outside of GeoGreymon's fighting range, but Tsurugi's Digisoul gives GeoGreymon a new techniques, which first ties then beats CannonBeemon's strongest attack. In the end, Gaomon survives and Tsurugi takes all of the digieggs to protect them from the Commandments, just as Barbamon orders an all-out attack to elimate Tsurugi.

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