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« Digimon Adventure ep 01 »
List of Digimon Adventure episodes 01
"And so it begins..."
漂流? 冒険の島!
(Hyōryū? Bōken no Shima!)
"Adrift? The Island of Adventure!"
Airdate (Ja:) March 7, 1999
(En:) August 14, 1999
... ...

And so it begins... (漂流? 冒険の島! Hyōryū? Bōken no Shima!?, "Adrift? The Island of Adventure!") is the first episode of the anime Digimon Adventure. It was first broadcast in Japan on March 7, 1999 and in the United States on August 14, 1999.


Seven kids at summer camp are sucked in to a strange "Digital World", where strange creatures called Digimon greet them.

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Tai recounts how the world's climate has been going haywire—Asia is in a drought, the Middle East is being hit by flash floods, and America is wracked with freezing cold temperatures. Meanwhile, he's in summer camp, having a perfectly normal summer until it begins snowing, and a sudden blizzard appears.

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Yamato "Matt" Ishida, Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi, Mimi Tachikawa, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi, and Joe Kido are all amazed when it begins snowing. They then observe lights like auroras in the sky, from which emerges a portal that shoots out strange electronic devices. When they reach out and grab the objects, a huge wave of water erupts from the ground and sucks them into the portal, which sends them to a new world.

Tai is awoken by a strange creature which calls itself Koromon, and soon Izzy shows up with his own creature, Motimon. The creatures claim to know Tai and Izzy, as well as to have been waiting a long time for them.

The kids try to figure out where they are, and Tai climbs a tree to take a look through his telescope. He's startled to find that they are near the ocean, and then spots a huge red beetle which Koromon tells him is Kuwagamon. It attacks Tai and Izzy, but they hide within a "hiding tree", which is partially a hologram. After Kuwagamon passes, Sora tells them to come out, and the group is reunited and introduced to each child's new creature. Sora has Yokomon. T.K. has Tokomon whom he instantly hits it off with. Matt has Tsunomon. Joe has Bukamon whom he is afraid of. The creatures then explain that they are "Digimon: Digital Monsters!".

As the group wonders where Mimi is, they hear her screaming and she and her Tanemon show up being chased by Kuwagamon. It chases the gang to the edge of a cliff, and the Digimon decide to fight. However, as In-Training Digimon, they can only blow bubbles, and are knocked out by the Champion-level Kuwagamon. The children try to stop them from fighting, and just as everything seems lost, the devices glow and the Digimon suddenly digivolve to Rookie level! Koromon becomes Agumon, Yokomon becomes Biyomon, Motimon becomes Tentomon, Tsunomon becomes Gabumon, Tokomon becomes Patamon, Bukamon becomes Gomamon, and Tanemon becomes Palmon. Together, all seven Rookies attack Kuwagamon, but their combined attacks are only enough to daze it. It crashes into the cliff, breaking off the chunk the kids and Digimon are on and letting it fall into the river.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonists, and italicized characters appear only as a voice or silhouette.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate
  • Blah (??)

Mega Armor Hybrid Xros Standard Super Ultimate God Other
  • Blah (??)
  • Blah (??)
  • Blah (??)
  • Blah (??)
  • Looooooooooong naaaaaaaaaaaame (??)
  • Blah (??)
  • Blah (??)

Digimon Analyzer

Lesser Digimon
Special Move
Koromon: "It means 'Brave Little Warrior'. And don't forget it, Tai!"
Lesser Digimon
Special Move
Motimon: "My friends call me Motimon. Everyone does, actually."
Insect Digimon
Special Move
Scissor Arms
Koromon: "His name is Kuwagamon. He's an Insectoid Digimon. Vicious and ruthless, with teeth like knives and Scissor Hands that can chop through anything!"
Lesser Digimon
Special Move
Sora: "Tai, Izzy, meet Yokomon."
Lesser Digimon
Special Move
Tokomon: "Hello! I am Tokomon."
Lesser Digimon
Special Move
Tsunomon: "Tsunomon is my name, and I am quite pleased to meet you."
Lesser Digimon
Special Move
Bukamon: "The name, is 'Bukamon'."
Lesser Digimon
Special Move
Tanemon: "Don't worry, Tanemon's here to protect you."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Koromon 1 Agumon
Koromon t Arrow R.png Agumon t

Yokomon 2 Biyomon
Yokomon t Arrow R.png Biyomon t

Motimon 3 Tentomon
Motimon t Arrow R.png Tentomon t

Tsunomon 4 Gabumon
Tsunomon t Arrow R.png Gabumon t

Tokomon 5 Patamon
Tokomon t Arrow R.png Patamon t

Bukamon 6 Gomamon
Bukamon t Arrow R.png Gomamon t

Tanemon 7 Palmon
Tanemon t Arrow R.png Palmon t

Tentomon 1 Motimon 2 Pabumon 3 Motimon 4 Tentomon 5 Kabuterimon 6 MegaKabuterimon (Red) 7 Motimon 7 Motimon 7 Motimon
Tentomon t Arrow R Red.png Motimon t Arrow R Red.png Pabumon t Arrow R.png Motimon t Arrow R.png Tentomon t Arrow R.png Kabuterimon t Arrow R.png MegaKabuterimon (Red) t Arrow RR Red.png Motimon t Arrow R Blue.png Motimon t Arrow R Blue.png Motimon t


"That's home. Planet Earth. But I'm not sure that's where I am right now."

Tai begins the story with these fateful words.

"Oh, by the way, my name's Tai. This is Sora. She's okay... for a girl. And Matt - Matt's too cool. Just look at that haircut. And this little kid is Izzy. He should have gone to computer camp. That's Mimi. I'll bet you can guess her favorite color on the first try! T.K. is Matt's dopey little brother. Oh, and this is Joe. But don't ever scare him; he'd probably wet his pants."

Tai introduces himself, then gives his personal opinion of the other DigiDestined.

"Needless to say, the canoe races were canceled."

Tai on the unexpected snowstorm.

"The sky is, like, short circuiting."

Matt's description of the strange lights in the sky.

Koromon: "Tai... Yoo hoo! Tai!"
Tai: "Yeah, I'm okay. Huh? ... Aaah!! That is the last time I eat camp food!"

Tai freaks out upon seeing his first Digimon.

"And I've got this little pink thing following me everywhere."

Izzy's best description of Motimon.

"You're pretty brave, for a little guy."

Tai, after Koromon tries to defend him from Kuwagamon.

"For having two long legs, you boys are awfully slow."

Motimon, leading Tai and Izzy to the hiding tree.

Joe: "What are they?"
Bukamon: "We're..."
Digimon: "Digimon! Digital Monsters!"

The Digimon introduce themselves to their human partners.

Tai: "And the self proclaimed 'cool one' over there is Matt."
Matt: "No autographs, please."

Tai introduces Matt to their new friends.

Izzy: "Well, perhaps she's off picking flower, or going on a nature hike, or-"
Mimi: "Aah!! Somebody help me!!"
Tai: "Come on!"
Izzy: "Okay, so she's not picking flowers."

—No more than five minutes in the Digital World and Mimi's all ready in trouble.

Other notes

Animation errors

  • Many of the childrens' shoes are miscolored at points throughout the episode.
  • Many of the characters are shown in darker tones at points throughout the episode.
  • In several scenes, Joe's left wristband is colored the same as his watch or missing.
  • As the DigiDestined enter the Digital World, Joe's watch and wristband have switched arms.
  • As Kuwagamon is about to attack Tai in the tree for a second time, the black band on Tai's left arm is missing.
  • When Tai and Izzy are following Motimon, Izzy's laptop is missing from his back.
  • When the partner Digimon introduce themselves as Digital Monsters, Motimon's fingernails are white instead of brown.
  • When Joe gets up after ducking to avoid Kuwagamon, both his wristbands are the same color as his skin.
  • As the group reach the cliff-edge, and when they're cornered by Kuwagamon, the white line on Sora's shirt disappears.
  • When crouching to dodge Kuwagamon, Izzy's gloves are missing.
  • When the children's partner Digimon go off to fight Kuwagamon, Joe's left arm has the same wristband as his right arm, and Izzy's laptop bag is missing again.
  • As the DigiDestined see their Digimon digivolve, Joe's left arm has the same wristband as his right arm again, and the red cross on his bag is black.
  • In several shots, Palmon's fingers are completely purple.
  • When the Rookie Digimon launch themselves at Kuwagamon, Patamon's fingers are white instead of black, and Gomamon's left ear is white while his right ear is purple.
  • Before using his Super Shocker attack, the bottom of Tentomon's feet are black where they should be red.
  • When attacking Kuwagamon with his Super Shocker attack, his thighs are red instead of green.
  • When greeting their Digimon, Gomamon's ears are shown as purple with white tips.

Dubbing changes

  • Tai does not narrate in the original. Instead, there is a generic narrator who covers the climate changes in more detail, as well as reading Kuwagamon's profile more in-depth. In general, though, there is less speaking during the episode.
  • The DigiDestined's original profile screens include their school and grade, and their names are read by the narrator.
  • No one speaks during the In-Training Digimon's Analyser screens.
  • Kuwagamon makes a more insect-like chittering noise, instead of the reptilian roar he makes in the English version.
  • The background music for the English dub is different to the original Japanese episode. In fact, different music is used throughout this series, and in all the others as well.

Digimon references

  • The events preceding the kids entry into the digital world are revealed in the episode The Ultimate Clash.
  • The events of this episode are reminisced about in the episode Now Apocalymon.
  • The Digi-gate at the summer camp is not used to enter the Digital World again until the end of the next series, in the episode A Million Points of Light, when it is the only one available due to BlackWarGreymon sealing off of the local gates from Oikawa.

Real-world references

  • Six of the children attend Odaiba Elementary, while T.K. attends Kawada elementary in Nagano.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Tai announces the episode title in the Japanese episode.
  • This is the first episode of the entire Digimon anime (not counting the movie that preceded it).
  • Koromon is the first ever Digimon to make an appearance in the TV anime.
  • Koromon is the first to digivolve to the next level - a continued theme throughout he series, as he is also the first of the group to reach Champion, Ultimate, and Mega levels (though Gabumon's the only other Digimon in the group to reach Mega level).
  • The kids' grades are as follows:
    • Tai - Fifth Grade
    • Sora - Fifth Grade
    • Matt - Fifth Grade
    • Izzy - Fourth Grade
    • Mimi - Fourth Grade
    • T.K. - Third Grade
    • Joe - Sixth Grade (making him the oldest of the group)
  • Because elementary school goes up to sixth grade in Japan, all of the characters are elementary school students.
  • In the original episode, the insert song "Brave heart" is played for the first time.
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