Age: 30
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
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Tuesday 17th May, 2022

I used to be a frequent editor of this wiki, though since my life picked up, I haven't been able to spare much time for it. I come around once in a while to help out.

My current avatar is based on this image from DeviantArt.

Jobs on Digimon Wiki

I mostly work on episode-related articles, standardising layout and making corrections.


  • MAJOR PROJECT - Bring every episode article up to the current standard.
  • Adapt episode articles and other features for mobile web.
  • Sort out featured article on a regular basis; watch voting.
  • Make analyser templates for each season.
  • Adjust digivolution template (or guide for template) to allow for other form changes:
    • Card Slash (Tamers) (Note: includes those cards that cause digivolution)
    • Biomerge Digivolution (Tamers)
    • Spirit Evolution (Frontier)
    • Slide Evolution (Frontier)
    • ??? (still need to watch Data Squad)
  • Think of general ways of improving Digimon Wiki, especially in terms of presentation.
  • Possibly come up with new logo.
  • Look at possible problem with lack of voting (e.g. encourage voters, new system).
  • Work on designing new main page features (via sandbox).
  • Choose a colour for each series, based on people's opinions.
  • Design new custom skin for wiki.


Previously discussed (some pages may be out of date):

Reference pages:

  • Episode article links - Page containing links to all episodes, using exact titles as given in episodes.
  • Test - For testing ideas, esp. templates; currently displaying a new episode article layout for Wikia's new look.
  • Digimon Favourites - Just a list of my favourite stuff in Digimon. :)


April 30th, 2021

[Emerges from hibernation cave] ... So I recently learnt how to make semi-automatic bots - "semi-automatic" meaning they still have to be signed off by me - which makes standardising the episode articles much easier. It would previously take me around 40 minutes to update one article. I've just managed to do three articles in the same amount of time! And that's while I'm still ironing out bugs. Once I get used to the process, I should be able to work even faster.

July 7th, 2020

What, another update? Anyway, yeah, I've been doing more stuff with mobile web. I created a template that ignores text on mobile - nothing complicated; the template literally doesn't do anything, except that the template type is set to Notice, which gets ignored in mobile, so a good way to omit things. Using that, I've been able to customise templates on mobile without having an effect on the desktop view - the DigiAnalysers(/Analyzers - I should really fix that) are the main example. I've also separated themes for the Episode template onto a separate page so they're no longer a nightmare to update. And I've made some additional templates for episode articles to standardise formatting and display quotes properly on mobile. Now I just have to insert the templates into every single episode article... Fun times.

June 9th, 2020

Wow, an update! Haven't done this in a while... Just doing the biannual touching up of my profile. Also, I did some stuff with mobile web for the first time (long overdue): 1. Tweaked the episode infobox so it displays properly; 2. Changed template types, e.g. DigiAnalysers, which were originally set to Quote for some reason, and the column templates, so they're now ignored in mobile web (seemed logical with the narrow layout). Custom styling in mobile web is near non-existent, but these changes at least make the site more readable. Apparently over half of all visits to the site are via mobile - interesting fact.

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I rediscovered Digimon in 2008 after finding some old video tapes of Adventure in my basement, bringing back a lot of memories. Soon, after that, I was buying the DVDs and watching episodes I hadn't seen in almost ten years.

Soon into my nostalgia trip, I discovered Digimon Wiki, and with my refreshed knowledge, found many opportunities to contribute, in turn discovering a whole heap of new things about the franchise.

To be honest, my main interest is in the first series of the anime. I've seen 02, Tamers and Frontier, but Adventure is the one I keep coming back to. I recently saw DA tri. - The less said about that, the better.

External Links

  • Dynamite Headdy Walkthrough - A walkthrough and general website about a classic game on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive which appears weird at first but is actually a lot of fun, and challenging too.