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About Me

  • Hi ppl, I've been contributing to this site since September 22 (Iforgot what my first post was, but it was probably adding to feature characters in some episodes). I realized how nerve racking it must for Admins, Editors, and casual wiki-ers to look at the recent edits, and see the last 50 were by A Wikia contributor, wondering if this is massive vandalism; well I finally decided to sign up, and make my edits "official"and easier to track.
  • People I'm jealous of, these are other wikia contributers, who've been at this longer than I have, and helped make the pages I frequent nice and clean (there's a lot of em, so I'll point out who I've been tripping over)

Me and Digimon

I watched Digimon when it premired on Global tv (Canada's branch of FoxKids, basically) on my tv antenna, (not 'rabbit ears,' an outside antenna, you had to turn the dial to get different signals). I really loved the show, except all of my friends had satellites, so I was on Togemon in Toy Town while my friends were arguing who the 8th DigiDestined was on the playground. Still I stuck with Digimon through all seasons; through public school, through high school, then the show went on hiatus for me til college when I occasionally caught glimpses of Digimon Data Squad early mornings (I didn't watch all of it, but liked what I saw).

My feelings per season

Digimon Adventure/02

-Digimon Adventure/02, hands down my favorite seasons (?) of the entire series. I prefer to lump these two seasons together, because one was the introduction to the DigiUniverse, while season two was an extension of that universe. I'll keep this hort since I love to ramble; 01, the best characters, best settings, best environment, best fights, best song![1]. 02, um, seeing everyone mature (good/evil), armour digivolution, cool introductions of characters (but no build-up of them)

Digimon Tamers

-Digimon Tamers, didn't like it. Well, by the time it came out, I was sick of the Digimon theme song variations (the original was still the best); the standard fight where "Agumon, go fight Seadramon; while I look for a bathroom" (I wanted to see the humans have a role in the fight, which I got later); and seeing Digi-Modify felt like a betrayal to digimon hierachy, (ah man, that's MetalEtemon, and I have a Gabumon; just three card swipes, and I'll beat that Mega-level nightmare), not to mention later on they stopped using Modify, especially when it could have helped.
I watched the show again recently, in September(2011), because I skipped over the series when it was on tv, and I actually liked the show alot, and couldn't remember why I dissliked it...until Digital Beauty. That episode was so boring, and the next 24 eps (until Suzie Wong joins the team in Rabbit Transit), were uninteresting. Kazu&Kenta were annoying/pointless as hell, HALF OF THE SEASON was uninteresting, and while the final fight did have high stakes involved, the fight was over a month long! Way to long for me to care if the kids saved my life or not.

Digimon Frontier

-Digimon Frontier, baring the first season of Digimon, this is my favorite digimon season. It started using bright colours again, (the last season had so many evening scenes, I dubbed it "Digimon Twilght," before the books became popular). The humans can digivolve, (they introduced that last season, but this time they were in control of the fights), a shamanistic tone to the DigiDestined, (their character development was similar to spiritual enlightenment, and as Digimon they were in-tuned to their environment; more so in Takuya's case). Duskmon had the best 6th character redemption arc, in all of digimon up to this point (starting with Ken in 02, then Beezlemon from Tamers). This season re-invented the previously set Digimon hierachy, they kept "the Dark Area" and "Angel digimon are strong;" but implied Angel Digimon are above all other digimon, digimon level doesn't set digimon apart from other digimon, and somewhere between Holy Digimon and everyone else are the Royal Knights; an ambiguous group of Mega digimon who uphold authority (though not very well in the animated series). Loved the Theme song, loved the villians, liked that Loweemon looked like a Japanese superhero, too bad most of the characters were shallow.

Digimon Data Squad

-Digimon Data Squad, I didn't watch a lot of this show, the snipets I saw are from later in the series, where Marcus rallies a bunch of Digimon to fight (I think they died), and the Royal Knights' invasion of Earth; where they actually start doing their job, avenging Digimon massacres, (though I wonder why they waited til the end of the series to attack humans). I'm trying to watch the show now on my laptop (I have Digimon 3-5), but what enthusiasm I may have going into the show, dies as soon as I see the openning theme; Power Rangers, this should not be, but why didn't Disney use a better Rangers song.


My first edit was to add a bunch of episode stubs for Digimon Frontier, then I started to add to the Featured Characters, and Digivolutions charts for that season, noticing a bunch of absent Digianalyzer pics, I started to rip the images from my hard drive, but I couldn't add them til I was signed in.

To Do

  • update the digianalyzer images for Frontier
  • add to the feature characters still missing
  • create a few redirect pages, for red links relating to Frontier
  • repeat the process for Digimon Tamers (though I don't wan to sit through it again)
  • by this point I should be done watching Digimon Data Squad, so repeat for this

Favorite Fights

Most of my favorite fights from the series, usually involve Angel Digimon. Angemon vs Myotismon, Angemon&Angewoman vs VenomMyotismon, Angemon encountering Machindramon (pwnage), MagnaAngemon vs Piedmon (2sec), Angemon vs BlackWarGreymon, MagnaAngemon losing to BlackWarGreymon, Shakkoumon beating BlackWarGreymon, MaloMyotismon losing in the dream zone, Seraphimon vs the Evil Legendary Warriors, ShadowSeraphimon vs Aldamon, Lucemon Chaos Mode vs the rest of the show, Shadow Lord Lucemon vs the DigiDestined.

Partner Digimon

I belive that a good DigiDestined, would be able to digivolve his partner digimon to different forms, depending on the situation.

Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega X-antibody
Greymon b MetalGreymon (Vaccine) b WarGreymon b Arrow R.png WarGreymon X b
Greymon MetalGreymon WarGreymon WarGreymon X
BlackAgumon b Greymon St-336 (DM) MetalGreymon (Virus) b
SkullGreymon b
BlackWarGreymon b Arrow R.png BlackWarGreymon X b
BlackAgumon Greymon (virus) MetalGreymon
BlackWarGreymon BlackWarGreymon X
DarkTyrannomon b SkullGreymon b BlackWarGreymon b Arrow R.png BlackWarGreymon X b
DarkTyrannomon SkullGreymon BlackWarGreymon BlackWarGreymon X

About Me

I'm going to be on this wikia for a while, so if any of you want to chat me up, go ahead, I'd love to argue different opinions on some topics {Why Digimon Frontier is a better follow up to Digimon than Tamers} or {Why Shibumi is actually more evil than Oikawa} or {how both IceDevimon are equally great serial killers}. If any of you want to talk about this stuff, leave a comment on my talk page, I'll be in the Frontier section, see you guys around.

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