Why I rip sprites from virtual pets and Digivices

  • Backing them up for myself, so that I can see all those lovely sprites even after I sold my v-pets/Digivices.
  • The official sprites can be used in fanmade v-pet/Digivices AFTER modifications (I don't want what happened to the creator of Digimon Unlimited to happen yet again, what I heard is that he's sued by Bandai). It may not be too hard to create quality inanimated sprites, but once you add motion into the equation...the workload will increase at least by 4 times for every playable Digimon.
  • I don't want anyone to create some sprites of crap quality and claim that it's okay because the sprites themselves are of low resolution anyway. The bar set by the official sprites is low, your sprite is absolutely crap if it actually goes under that bar.
  • Official sprite themselves can tell interesting story about the development of the Digimon themselves, or the devices their appeared on.

I don't know where I should put these images so they are here