RERU Kareru

  • I was born on August 21
  • I am Male


I'm RERU Kareru but you can call me K.R. I'm an otaku and I love digimon. I joined this wikia on my birthday. I love listening to vocaloid. My favorite song is Capricco Farce. I love ice cream and my favorite flavor is cookies & cream. My favorite color is blue. I'm good in math. I also have a fanfiction account with the same name, I haven't write any stories though, I'd probably write a Taito.

User Name Origin

I'm a fan of NOBI Nobita so I took my real name, took reru (I didn't chose Kare because: I don't want to be called curry and Takeru is called Keru in the fanfic, so yeah.) and capitalized it. K.R. because Takeru's nickname is T.K. (which came from Takeru) so I took my name and did the same with Takeru's nickname.


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