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Appears in:Where you least expect it
Voice actor(s):(En:) Harrison Ford
Partner(s):BlackWarGreymon X
Trait(s):JediMaster, former council member
Age 18
Date of birth August, 28
Grade Graduated
Gender Male
Known relatives Classified
Nationality American Us flag NRL
Occupation YMCA Special Operations Division Director
Aliases Known Call Signs
  • Excalibur
  • Constantine 6
  • Cipher
  • Blaze
  • Shark
  • Oscar-Bravo

About me

  • First Name: Rob
  • Last Name: Classified
  • Home Location: Tampa, FL
  • Occupation: YMCA Special Operations Division Director
  • Specialized Training: Cyber Defense and Digital Warfare
  • Detailed Dossier: See Below

All other information requires one of the following to view:

  • A LEVEL 5 code clearance
  • A special exception given by the Head of the Department of Defense
  • A special exception given by the Director of the CIA

Contact Information

If for some reason you must contact me, you can find me/contact me in one of the following locations

  • My Talk Page is the most recomended location if you need somthing from me
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Screen Name- MasterShark
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Vandalism and Spam

  • Vandals and spamers are the scum of the Earth and I've taken it upon myself to bring them under control.
  • Spam and Vandalism is a disease, the undo button is the cure!

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