Appears in:Various nightmares
Voice actor(s):(En:) SG

'^^; Just a fan who likes to ramble.. Call me SG. :D And beware an overuse of emoticons!


  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Education: A year of college; quit
  • Religion: A culmination of various aspects of different religions and philisophical views that takes longer to explain than most people care to listen to.
  • Likes: Pokemon, Digimon, Fanfiction, RolePlaying, Chobits, Absolute Boyfriend, Tail of the Moon, WoW, Yu-Gi-Oh!,Final Fantasy
  • Dislikes: Stupid people, mean people, people who flame, preppy people, selfish people, people people (xD), cockroaches.
  • Synopsis: I'm easy to get along with most of the time. I try not to judge people, and am good at helping because of that. I do have a short temper, but I'm working on it, and I don't hold grudges 99% of the time. :) As in, if I DO hold one, you definitely deserved it, lol. I have a tendency to talk too much about random stuff and drift off-topic. 'xD For that reason, I'll go ahead and cut this short now to keep it from getting too long, too. Lol.

Favorite Couplings

Digimon Adventure 02

  • Ken x Kairi They struggled with the same vulneribility to Darkness and thus had to support each other in overcoming it. ^^
  • T.K. x Kairi xD Why else? It was cute/implied.

Digimon Tamers

  • Rika x Ryo Pwn~ Lol. The article pretty much covers it. =P
  • Renamon x Impmon =P You know you saw it. Not the most loving relationship, but they developed a certain unique bond which certainly could have turned romantic. ^^
  • Takato x Jeri Again, the article covers it well. =P Plus it's just cute.

Digimon Fronteir

  • Koji x Zoe xD I liked this one BEFORE watching. D-Tector ftw~ Lol.
  • Koichi x Zoe I actually liked this one MORE after watching, but meh. Koichi's reserved, almost timid demeanor was great for Zoe's happy/nurturing nature. ^^ I liked watching her help him.

Digimon Savers/Data Squad

  • Thomas x Nanami! Yeah, you heard me! Say what you will Wiki article, she was NOT "pretending to love him". She was genuinely interested (not 'in love', per say, but interested) due to his extreme intelligence; the pretending part was lust/seduction. (He was 14 after all. =P) After her defeat, she seemed to realize just as Thomas had that not all problems could be solved with logic; then, as a little icing on this cake, when the world is offering all its DNA/DigiSoul for the final battle, how is Nanami seen? PRAYING. ^^ Yes, Ms. Statistics-Logic-Facts is shown in a religious position; I think it goes without saying that this proves something has changed about her character, for someone so caught-up on details to be trusting in an illogical unprovable force. :3 In this fan's opinion, this coupling would actually have some real potential if done right. Thomas was attracted to her; his will was just strong enough to resist knowing her intentions would harm those he fought for. Nanami no longer has those intentions, so why WOULDN'T the two little geniuses work? ^.^
  • Keenan x Kristy xD Just cute, lol. There's evidence, yeah, but that's my main reason, rofl.


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