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Status afflictions:

  • Corruption - the target can get corrupted and the Digimon who corrupted them can control them briefly.
  • Flinch: The target flinches, unable to attack for a short while until they recover.
  • Freeze: The target is frozen and unable to move for a short while.


Shoutmon (King Ver.) t

OmniShoutmon t

Shoutmon is the main protagonist of the series. After defeating ?mon, Shoutmon's appearance has changed greatly due to the large amount of fighting he has done on his journey. Shoutmon is able to evolve into OmegaShoutmon a little easier then before, and became the Digimon King after defeating ?mon. After hearing of another being attempting to overthrow him, he goes out onto another journey to stop this being from taking over the world with an iron fist.

Attacks & Abilities - Shoutmon

  • Rock and Roller: Shoutmon goes berserk with his mic and crushing any enemies in his path.
  • Seismic Smash: Shoutmon smashes his mic on an opponent extremely hard that it dazes the opponent.
  • Ancient Curses: Shoutmon has some access to the Ancient Curses.
    • Leech Energy: When this prayer is in use, Shoutmon can leech the energy of the opponent.
    • Turmoil: When this prayer is in use, Shoutmon can leech the strength, attack and the defense of an opponent for himself.
    • Soul Split: When this prayer is in use, Shoutmon can heal himself by successfully dealing damage onto the opponent.

Kotemon t

Tactimon t

Kotemon is a friend of Shoutmon. Kotemon's abilities have honed in better due to defeating ?mon with Shoutmon. Kotemon is also able to digivolve into his future form, Tactimon. Kotemon's appearance hasn't changed greatly from the two series, but has gotten much more stronger and tries to protect his friends and allies.

Attacks & Abilities - Kotemon

  • Afterimage Strike: Kotemon leaves an image behind, and when the opponent attacks the image, it disappears and Kotemon appears near or at the same spot. Kotemon can do this up to 15 times before the ability ends.
  • Elite Vortex: Kotemon's shinai generates Fire and Water spirals, increasing the power of the shinai. Targets hit will be frozen and also catch on fire.
  • Siphon: Kotemon picks an opponent to be targeted for a siphon. If the target does not move by 50 feet when Kotemon finishes chanting the ritual, all enemies' lifeforce will be reduced by a quarter of their current life, with the lifeforce going to Kotemon.

Attacks & Abilities - Tactimon

  • Ghostly Blade: Tactimon's blade can go through objects and then materialize at Tactimon's command. When against flesh, it causes immense pain to the target.
  • San-no-Tachi (参の太刀? lit. "Third Tachi"): Stabs the ground thrice with Jatetsufūjin-maru, collapsing the surrounding land with a shock wave.
  • Extended Blade: Tactimon can increase the size of his blade by fivefold.
  • Relenting Force: Enemies of Tactimon are suppressed by a ghostly force that makes it almost impossible to move without the motivation.
  • Raging Soul: Tactimon's power is greatly increased by sixfold.
  • Tanegashima (タネガシマ?): Flips the gun-muzzles on his back at the opponent, then fires an immense destructive blast.
  • Shi-no-Tachi (死の太刀? lit. "Death Tachi"): Coalesces all of his energy into Jatetsufūjin-maru and slashes downward.


Kotemon t

Musyamon t

A Kotemon* is the main antagonist of the series. This Kotemon wishes to bring Zaros back into the Digital World so that he will rule it once again. He has multiple henchmen to carry out his deeds, and can digivolve into Musyamon if needed.

Attacks & Abilities - Kotemon

  • Ancient Curses:
    • Soul Split: Damage Kotemon deals successfully onto an opponent will heal him.
    • Berserker: Kotemon's power increases by threefold.
  • Fire Mask: Kotemon's shinai goes on fire, and when it hits the target it explodes, capable of flinching the target.
  • Shadow Corruption: Kotemon's shinai is engulfed in shadows. If the target is hit, they will become corrupted by the shadow and go under Kotemon's control for a few minutes.
  • Digitize Shinai: Kotemon's shinai becomes infected with viruses. If it hits the target, the target will become digitized and get sucked into Kotemon's shinai and stay in digitized form until Kotemon releases them.

Attacks & Abilities - Musyamon

  • Ancient Curses:
    • Soul Split: Damage Musyamon deals successfully onto an opponent will heal him.
    • Berserker: Musyamon's power increases by threefold.
  • Shogun Sword (斬り捨て御免 Kirisute Gomen?): Flames surround the blade of the sword and then take the shape of a ghost-like dragon made of flames to impact on enemies.
  • Ninja Blade (白鳥丸 Shiratori-maru?, lit. "White Bird"): Blue flames gather all over the sword's blade and then Musyamon slashes the enemy with his now flaming sword.
  • Shi-no-Tachi (死の太刀? lit. "Death Tachi"): Coalesces all of his energy into sword and slashes downward.
  • Sword Reaper: Musyamon's blade turns into a scythe-like sword. Targets hit will have their soul reaped and stored in the sword until Musyamon releases them.
  • Raging Soul: Musyamon's power is greatly increased by sixfold.

*Different Kotemon.

Astamon t

Astamon is one of Zaros' Generals. Astamon led Zaros' forces to victory until his god disappeared due to a rebellion. After Zaros' followers became persecuted, Astamon went into hiding from the other gods' followers until almost everything was forgotten by Zaros. Astamon wields the Oro Salmón, a machine gun that Zaros obtained from Vulcanusmon. Astamon is the most trusted by Zaros, so the Empty Lord tells him of his future plans.

Attacks & Abilities

  • Empty Lord's Barrage: Shoots three clips from his Oro Salmón in quick succession. The clips have 30 ammo and can go through solid walls.
  • Ancient Curses: Astamon has full access to the Ancient Curses.
  • Demonic Barrage: Creates a rift that tons of demons spawn out from, barraging the enemy with javelins.
  • Darkness Kick: Astamon kicks his target with the power of the shadows, and can corrupt the target.
  • Fragmentation Shot: Astamon fires six bullets from his Oro Salmón, with the chance of fragmenting and putting the target on fire. If the target moves, the fire grows larger by threefold.
  • Bombardment: Astamon shoots his gun up in the air, which then land and hits his enemies with massive damage.
  • Relenting Force: Astamon's force is incredibly strong that his enemies can collapse in front of him due to the pressure that he puts on them. Only the strong-willed and allies are unaffected by this.


Royal Empire

BishopChessmon (White) b

6-52 Analyzer-04 JP

A BishopChessmon is the leader of the Royal Empire. BishopChessmon is prone to mood swings. If BishopChessmon is white, he's in a good mood and does impossible tricks with his staff. If BishopChessmon is black, he's in a bad mood and doesn't want to talk with anyone for the day.

BishopChessmon oversees the Royal Capital, inhabited with PawnChessmons and RookChessmons. Digimon from other places come to the Royal Town to buy items, as the Chessmons here are well known for high-quality products.

Attacks & Abilities - White

  • Smite: Uses the holy force of God to smite Bishopmon's enemies until nothing remains of them.
  • Protection Prayers:
    • Unison Protection: Protects BishopChessmon from melee and visible projectile attacks.
    • Protect from Melee: Protects BishopChessmon from melee attacks.
  • Wrath of God: Channels the power of God in his staff and fires a large red fireball at his enemy.

Attacks & Abilities - Black

  • Ancient Curses:
    • Soul Split: Successful hits BishopChessmon lands heals him.
    • Turmoil: Leeches melee combat stats from an opponent.
  • Hell's Wrath: Creates a rift that spawns a horde of demons onto his target.
  • Embrace Darkness: Turns the area within 100 meters of him pitch-dark. If the target is within 10 meters of him, his shadows will consume the target.
  • Shadow Barrage: Shoots lance-like shadows at the enemy, draining them of energy.

PawnChessmon (Black) t

PawnChessmon (White) t

PawnChessmons are residents of the Royal Town. They are skilled workers and are the workforce of the expanding Royal Empire. There are two different types of PawnChessmon: Black and White. Black PawnChessmons are known for their smithing and crafting skills, and create various equipment for Digimon. White PawnChessmons are known for their high cooking skills, as they can turn a bunch of simple ingredients into an elegant dish.

Attacks & Abilities

  • Checkmate Surge: Unison attack, where both Black and White PawnChessmons attack their target from the back and front. If the target cannot be reached in these two ways, the two types will temporarily fuse into a large drill-shaped attack and concentrate all the energy onto the target.

RookChessmon (Black) t

RookChessmons serve as the Imperial Guard of the Royal Empire. They oversee the laws are obeyed by everyone.

Attacks & Abilities

  • Rookling Barrage: Shoots rook-shaped chess pieces at their enemies.
  • Shockwave: Jumps up into the air and then lands down with tremondous impact that it causes shockwaves up to 250 meters from the impact.
  • Meteor Strike: Jumps up into the air, and then lands back down extremely quickly with the power of multiple meteors.
  • Regeneration: Lost pieces reattach themselves to the host if it falls out.



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