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I watched the original Digimon as a child and now as an adult, I'm revisiting it. I have yet to watch Data Squad, but plan to (although I've heard less than delightful things about it, alas).

Thoughts on Digimon Adventure

I'm a traditionalist; I can't help but love this season very deeply, even if the start is a little slow. It really picks up by episode 21 and the amount of character development everyone goes through during the Dark Masters saga is amazing and truly heartfelt. I absolutely loved the idea of the tags and crests, that each character represented a trait and when they exhibited that trait, they were stronger--but when they went against that trait, they caused destruction. Which means, naturally, that I adored Matt. He was a lovely character and his insecurities really drove his storyline very well, particularly when he temporarily left the group during the Dark Masters saga.

Thoughts on Digimon Adventure 02

Now, the second season will never measure up to the first season, but it has a nice little place in my heart. I love that it's much more focused than the first season and the soundtrack is much nicer too. The characters all really grew on me, particularly Ken (who was strangely pretty with his normal hair) and Wormmon (who is singularly the most depressing, adorable, and funniest digimon in existence). Although I'm not as attached to Yolei, Cody, and Davis as I was to the first season characters, I still really love them, even if they can occasionally be obnoxious. My main beefs with the second season? Firstly, they never followed up on the Dark Ocean/Dragomon subplot and that drove me mad. Secondly, I was a little irritated that Davis got both the Digi-Eggs of Courage and Friendship--both being associated with megas. I understand that as the 'leader' of the second season, he's going to be the most powerful, but I felt that was overkill. He does embody both characteristics well (particularly Friendship, when it comes to Ken), but I still felt he was overpowered in that way; I think T.K. would have been a good recipient of the Digi-Egg of Friendship. And finally, the epilogue irks me much in the same way that the Harry Potter epilogue irks others. While I liked some aspects of it, I was mostly annoyed. What can I say--I didn't like the idea that everyone got a digimon and the fates of some of the characters didn't make much sense to me. (Matt? An astronaut? Really?) But beyond that, I do love the second season very much and it's a huge part of my childhood.

Thoughts on Digimon Tamers

My favorite season, but not without lots of love for the others. I feel like this one's the most realistic and definitely the darkest of all. I personally love that they essentially set it in our world (that is, Digimon is an anime, card game, etc.) and the directions they took it in feels the most realistic--if digimon really did exist, they would exist like this. This season was heartbreaking, particularly the Beelzemon subplot and the ending. I was also in love with the fact that Takato wasn't a typical goggle-head; he was gentle and uncertain, but he still had the most important trait of his predecessors: he is driven and good-hearted. My only disappointment with the series is that I felt the backstories for our main tamers wasn't as filled out as it should have been and that I felt like the relationships between them weren't sufficiently explored.

Thoughts on Digimon Frontier

This season has a lot of pros and cons. It's not my favorite, but I think that they did several interesting things that makes it worth rewatching. First of all, I'm still skeptical about humans turning into digimon, but the advantage of that is that they've effectively cut the cast in half. In previous seasons, there was a tendency to focus on the relationship between partners rather than between human and human or digimon and digimon (this is particularly true in Tamers). However, since no one has partners in Frontier, I felt like the interpersonal relationships were very well explored. The Kouichi arc/subplot was really well done and was absolutely fascinating. Unfortunately, I felt like the season started to lose steam after Cherubimon was defeated, possibly because it became less character-driven than it was before.


Current Projects

I try to be fairly active on the wiki and at the moment I'm nesting in Digimon Frontier. I'm trying to find a screencap for each episode in the episode list and for every individual episode I'm trying to fill out summaries, featured characters, and digivolution charts. The info available for Digimon Frontier episodes is pretty sparse, probably because it isn't as popular as the other seasons. Still, I'm a slave to my mild OCD compulsions, so it's a necessary evil.

To Do

After I finish Frontier, I plan to similarly go through the other seasons and perform the same maintenance. Tamers is first on my list (if anyone can help with the card seen/used section, please do!), then Adventure 02 (the first bunch of episodes are well-maintained, but the others are sorry-looking). I might also work on Data Squad because it's in sorry shape, but I'll actually have to watch it first! I feel like the first season was well covered and I might just briefly run through the episodes to check spelling, grammar, formatting, and fill out the occasionally missing synopsis.

After that, I don't have any particularly big projects in mind, but I have a handful of things that I intend to work on in no particular order:

My favorite characters

My favorite digimon

My favorite episodes

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