VictoryGreymon b.jpg
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Dragon Man
Family(s): Dragon's Roar

Okay, time for a major makeover!!



Okay, just to start off, I'll begin with the meaning/origin of my penname.

  Digi   - Obviously, it came from the word 'Digimon'. But I wanted it to refer to the things within this show too. Like 'Digital World' or 'Digivice'. So, I extracted the common factor. :P

  93   - My year of birth.

  4   -   6   - What I consider to be the two worse numbers in existence, representing the worst things there are. Also my lucky numbers (seriously!). :P

  4   - The number that is one of the most inauspicious in existence, right next to the number '13'. In Cantonese, if pronounced, it will sound like '死', meaning 'Dead' or 'Die' to those who don't know. Thus, many dislike this number. Of course, me being me, I love it. (see below)

  6   - Also another number that not many like. In fact, this number is said to represent the Devil... particularly when three of them are strung together. Also, if pronounced in a slightly different way, it is slightly obscene too. Thus, with its dreaded qualities, it suits me perfectly!

  DigI   - Ironically, 'D' and 'I' are also the first and last letters of my first name and surname respectively. Kind of symbolic, no? The beginning and the end...

  9346   - It will be hard to believe this one, but ironically, the entire string is the first 4 numbers of my passport number! Of course, I'm not going to tell anyone the remainder.


  • Likes in general: Digimon, Pokemon (strictly the 'Special' manga and the games only), Shaman King (manga only), D-Grayman, Gundam (Seed and 00), Kingdom Hearts, Halo (game, books and Red vs Blue), MegaMan (all but the original MegaMan), Final Fantasy, Harry Potter (books, not really the movies), Artemis Fowl, Hellgate London (game and books), Japanese songs, the list goes on...
  • Dislikes in general: Really, really annoying people; Vandalisers in general, who have nothing better to do (they should be playing games or something instead); Horrible grammar (which vandalisers tend to have); Horrible stories without even a semblance of a plot and just pure action or pure junk
  • Specific likes: VictoryGreymon, Dragons (the fiercer and more deadly, the better), Angels (only those that can wear wings and look cool in them), Brave Heart by Hayashibara Megumi (Shaman King's Insert song), w:c:gundam:Exia (looks cooler than 00/00 Raiser), w:c:megaman:Megaman Zero, w:c:finalfantasy:Cloud Strife (who doesn't like a guy with a big sword?), and others that I can't really remember off-hand at the moment...
  • People I appreciate in my online life: The gang here at the wiki (KrytenKoro, Lanate, Rad140 and the others; you guys are great, for taking my disappearance over the past few weeks/months in stride), the writers at FF.net (mainly Blazing Chaos and Crazyeight; for aid when it comes to matters of the pen), the players at the RP (but mainly AnT, Lans and Epsilon; for allowing my ideas to bounce about and for great ideas in return).

About Me

In general, I tend to be a rather... sarcastic person. Or sadistic. Same difference. I tend to enjoy events relating to mass destruction of the world in general (2012 comes out tomorrow!!). So, my fics tend to reflect this (should anyone bother to read), and thus, tend to be rather dark.

Ah well, that's all in general. I would make a To-Do list, but that's already covered in the other admins' pages and I'm too lazy. All that matters is that I know what to do. :P

Currently unused fan art

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