Uno (ウーノ Ūno?) is one of the Bandits. He is partnered with Numemon, Botamon, and Kentaurosmon, although he also acts as a stand-in Tamer for Vikemon, Blastmon, and BanchoLeomon while heading "Team Bandits".


Uno is a muscular man with lightly tanned skin, black eyes, and red eyebrows. He wears metallic helmet, a black jacket with a ruff in the top and a red gem in the chest and white borders in bottom. He also wears white gloves, a white belt, black pants, and white boots. His left arm displays the characters "B1", with "B" and "1" referring to "Bandits" and the meaning of his name, derived from the Spanish word for "one", respectively.


Uno is the self-proclaimed leader of the Bandits as well as being in charge of labor. In spite of being leader, he is a coward who is afraid of not being repsected.


Uno (ウーノ)

Name used in Digimon Story: Lost Evolution.

  • Es: One.


Other Appearances

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red

Uno is fought in the Platinum Tamer Match as a member of the Team Bandits (バンディッツ Bandittsu?).

Monster Mode

Ex-Eraser α

Ex-Eraser α vg.gif

Ex-Eraser α is Uno's Monster Mode.

Ex-Eraser Ω

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