Goddramon St-516 (DM)
St-516: Goddramon. Umon is on the left.
Title (Ja:) Umon of Blue Thunder
(蒼雷のウモン Sourai no Umon?)
(En:) Umon of the Blue Lightning[1]
Debut St-516: Goddramon

Umon is a tiny dragon Digimon sealed within Goldramon's left vambrace. It is called Umon of the Blue Lightning ("Umon of Blue Thunder" (蒼雷のウモン Sourai no Umon?)), and governs over "Regeneration".[2][3]


Umon appears as a mass of black energy in the shape of a dragon.


Umon (ウモン)

Name given by the Digimon Reference Book. No official romanization available.

Notes and references

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  3. On St-516, 1-117, and in the Digimon Visual Dictionary, Amon is sealed in the left vambrace, and Umon, the right.
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