UlforceVeedramon Future Mode
(アルフォースブイドラモン超究極体 (フューチャーモード)
 UlforceVdramon Future Mode)
UlforceVeedramon Future Mode dm.png
Level Ultra[1]
Type Holy Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Wind Guardians
Virus Busters
Debut Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, "FUTURE" [57]
Prior forms UlforceVeedramon[2]
Partners Tai Kamiya (V-Tamer 01)
Cards (Ja:) Bo-25v
Other Names
• (Ko:) 알포스브이드라몬 퓨처모드[3] UlforceVeedramon Future mode

UlforceVeedramon Future Mode is a Holy Knight Digimon.


  • Shining V Force
  • Ulforce V Saber: Extends a saber from its right V-Bracelet.
  • Tensegrity Shield: Releases holy aura from its left V-Bracelet which becomes a barrier.


It's design is very similar to UlforceVeedramon except with a few major details including his V-bracelets now have sabers on each part, has lightning-like accents on his armor, spikes on the shoulders, and parts of the armor now glow with a neon blue light.


UlforceVdramon Future Mode (アルフォースブイドラモン超究極体 (フューチャーモード))

Name used in Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01. Base name shares a romanization with UlforceVdramon. Some media leave out the "Future Mode" furigana.[4]

UlforceVeedramon Future Mode

Name used by this wiki. For further details, see DW:BASEFORM.


UlForceVeedramon Future Mode was designed by Ten'ya Yabuno.


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01

Digimon Masters

UlforceVeedramon Future Mode was a Burst Mode level Digimon that digivolved from UlforceVeedramon using the Digimental Code-F at level 70. It only appeared in the Korean release.

In May 2018, UlforceVeedramon Future Mode and the Digimental Code-F were removed from Digimon Masters pending the resolution of a copyright issue.[5] It was confirmed in November of the same year that they would not return to the game.[6]

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