The Ulforce is a legendary Overwrite Sequence possessed by UlforceVeedramon. Most Overwrite Sequences, which allow a Digimon to act, deplete over the Digimon's lifespan, eventually leading to their deletion, and the particularly violent temperaments of the Ancient Species Digimon led to abuse of their Overwrites, and near extinction. The Ulforce is a holy Overwrite, born from joy, pleasure, and a strong heart which desires to protect its loved ones, which instead heals the body and encourages Digivolution.[1] The Ulforce is powerful enough to rewrite the user's 1s and 0s faster than direct deletion attacks can keep up with. The Holy Light, Ulforce

Other Ulforces[]

Alpha inForce[]

The Alpha inForce (アルファインフォース Arufa inFōsu?), short for "Alpha Gain Force", is an ultimate force that is possessed by Alphamon. It allows Alphamon to instantaneously replay an elapsed battle so that it can unleash countless attacks in the same instant, making it theoretically impossible to see any of them other than the final blow that brought down its opponent.[2]

Omega inForce[]

The Omega inForce (オメガインフォース Omega inFōsu?), short for "Omega Gain Force" and sometimes called "Omega Force",[3] is an ultimate force that was acquired by Omnimon and inherited by Omnimon X. It allows Omnimon X to instantaneously read ahead in battle and respond accordingly, making it theoretically impossible to defeat, and also draws out and raises its combat sense and potential to their utmost limits by means of the X-Antibody,[4] no matter the circumstances.[5] However, Diaboramon X's fighting style was too erratic for even the Omega inForce to properly predict. [6][please confirm] Omnimon also bestowed the Omega inForce on OmniShoutmon, who shines gold because its whole body is clad in its power. OmniShoutmon is able to draw the Omega inForce into an aura and shoot it at the opponent, blowing away even the morale of those who witness it.[7]

Notes and references[]

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