Tyutyumon is a member of Midnight in Digimon Fusion. Although he looks like a tiny, robotic mouse, he has only compressed his true data size, which is quite large. He works with his partner, Damemon, as a spy for AxeKnightmon, but while Damemon starts to express some reluctance in following their leader due to his manipulation of Ewan, Tyutyumon is more loyal to AxeKnightmon's goals.


Throughout most of the series, Tyutyumon functions as Damemon's partner even though the two begin to disagree over AxeKnightmon's manipulation of Ewan. After Damemon's death, Tyutyumon continues to serve AxeKnightmon by overseeing Ewan's captivity, until Mikey and his group arrive to save the boy. Though Tyutyumon expands to his true, gigantic size, he is overpowered by Beastmon before she easily devours him.

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