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Tsukasa Kagura (神楽 司 Kagura Tsukasa?) is a major antagonist of Digimon World Data Squad and is the brother of Yuma Kagura. He initially appeared to help DATS in the search for the missing children, including his sister. However his true agenda was to obtain the six code keys from the humans that got absorbed into the Mao-type Digimon in order to release Lucemon from his seal in the Dark Area to become the ultimate tamer.


To do this he has his henchmen, DemiDevimon and Devimon kidnap the children and bring them to the Digital World, so that with their sins confusing them, allowing them to be absorbed into the Mao-type Digimon and employs Kosaburo Katsura to get the Code Keys while DATS defeated the Mao-types.

But when Kosaburo failed to get the Code Key of Lust from DATS he sends Creepymon to eliminate him and his Biyomon. However after DATS defeat Leviamon, Kosaburo appears injured and reveals that Tsukasa was the one who was employing him all along (Kosaburo only figured this out by attaching a tracking virus to the Code Keys he sent to his "client" and this led him to Tsukasa), Tsukasa then reveals his involvement and sics DemiDevimon and Devimon on DATS but they are defeated, Tsukasa however escapes.

After Creepymon is defeated, DATS with Yuma and Kosaburo encounters Tsukasa as he releases Lucemon, hoping to become the utlimate Tamer by having the greatest of the Mao digimon under his control. However, after Lucemon is defeated, Tsukasa is elated to see his Digimon revive; however, Lucemon refuses to obey him when ordered to send DATS to the Dark Area to increase his powers. Horrifying still, Lucemon says Tsukasa has an excellent amount of Pride in his heart, making him perfect material to create the Code Key of Pride and does so, absorbing him and gaining freedom from his prison. During the final battle with Lucemon, it's revealed that the Mao manipulated Tsukasa's envy towards Thomas, making him succumb to Pride. After the Demon Lord is defeated, Tsukasa emerges from Lucemon's data and is told he must answer for his actions even though he was manipulated by Lucemon.

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