Trailmon (Angler) is a Trailmon.


  • Cool Running
  • Kyuu Break Spark (急ブレーキスパーク? lit. "Emergency Break Spark")


Trailmon (Angler) is a Trailmon designed after the anglerfish, with the anglerfish's signature light on its head.


Trailmon (Angler) (トレイルモン(アングラー))

Name used in Digimon Frontier. Base name shares official romanization with Trailmon (Worm).


Digimon Frontier[]

Angler is the train that took Koji Minamoto to the Digital World and is quite fond of chocolate. Lobomon: Warrior of Light An Angler is also one of the Trailmon who return the unchosen children back to the Human World from the Forest Terminal. The Bully Pulpit An Angler is among the Trailmon who refuse to take the DigiDestined to the Beanstalk Village. Jerks And The Beanstalk Another Angler is among the Trailmon too scared of the Royal Knights to run the Village of Beginnings route. Zoe manages to convince them to act in the last second, ensuring that when the Royal Knights scan the village, the Baby Digimon and Digi-Eggs are able to escape. Glean Eggs And Scram A passing Angler takes the DigiDestined back to the Village of Flames when SkullSatamon attacks Bad To The Bones, while another aids the DigiDestined in reaching their next destination after the Forest Terminal is lost. Now You See It, Now You Don't An Angler saves the DigiDestined after Lucemon blasts them away and takes them to the Yellow Moon. To Make The World Go Away

Digimon Fusion[]

Angler is an inhabitant of the Dust Zone who transports scrap to Grandlocomon for oil to live. Train Of Terror!

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