Toucanmon is an Avian Digimon. It armor-digivolved through the power of the "Digi-Egg of Kindness". A loud and gaudy Armor-level Bird Digimon, its wings have degenerated from living on the ground; having existed for so long that it has become flightless. It often wants to retreat into its shell and shrug off things when feeling insecure, but can barely do so with its huge beak in the way. However, when its anger exceeds a critical point, it opens its huge, colorful beak and raises its crest as an intimidation tactic. It wears a shell over its body since its feathers have degenerated, and it is rumored to be quite muscular underneath.[4]


  • Beak Twister (Pinch Cutter): Grabs the enemy and twist as hard as possible with its beak.
  • Marble Ball[5] (Marvel Marvel): Fires a colorful shining ball.
  • Crazy Crest (Fancy Cut): Rapidly peck with its beak.
  • Crest Cutter: Fire numerous shining rings from its crest.
  • Egg Attack: Attacks with its beak while spinning.
  • Pliers Cutter



Tocanmon (トーカンモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.

  • (En:) Toucan (Ramphastos tucanus).

Official name given by the Digimon Encyclopedia and used in American English media.

  • (En:) Toucan (Ramphastos tucanus).


D-3 virtual pet[]

Main article: Toucanmon (Adventure)

Digimon Frontier[]

Main article: Toucanmon (Frontier)

Digimon Battle Spirit 2[]

Main article: Toucanmon (Frontier)

Digimon Data Squad[]

Ten years ago, as told by Merukimon to the captive DATS members, a Toucanmon is seen fleeing from the humans who are deleting Digimon, later revealed to be Akihiro Kurata's group. Some injured Toucanmon are seen in the care of Cherrymon and the Nyokimon that he protects.

Digimon World Data Squad[]

Toucanmon is a Champion level digivolution in Falcomon's galaxy.

Digimon Savers 3D: The Digital World in Imminent Danger![]

When Agumon, Gaomon, and Lalamon ride the roller coaster in the Digital World their ride is stopped by a large group of Toucanmon walking passed. Agumon gets out of the roller coaster in an attempt to get them out of the way so they con continue their ride, but falls into a hole instead.

Digimon Fusion[]

Digimon Adventure:[]

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk[]

Toucanmon is #252, and is an Ultimate-level, Balance-class, Bird-species Digimon with a resistance to the Wind element and weakness to the Thunder element. Its basic stats are 227 HP, 242 MP, 132 Attack, 124 Defense, 92 Spirit, 94 Speed, and 46 Aptitude. It possesses the Sylph Aegis4, Critical 3, and MoneySaver3 traits.

Toucanmon armor digivolves from Hawkmon with the Digi-Egg of Kindness, when your Digimon is at least level 20, with 105 defense.

Toucanmon can DNA digivolve to Devitamamon with ExTyrannomon, or to Gryphonmon with DoruGreymon.

Digimon Battle[]

Toucanmon digivolves from Hawkmon using the Digi-Egg of Kindness.

Digimon Masters[]

Toucanmon Armor digivolves from Hawkmon using the Digi-Egg of Kindness.

Notes and References[]

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  5. This attack is named "Marble Marble" in Digimon Battle.