Tomonori Ryusenji (龍泉寺 智則 (リュウセンジ トモノリ) Ryūsenji Tomonori?) is the main antagonist of Digimon Seekers.



Tomonori Ryusenji (龍泉寺 智則 (リュウセンジ トモノリ))

Name used in Digimon Seekers.


Tomonori is a world authority on Digimon research. He has strong pride as a Digimon researcher and prefers to be called Professor over his name.[2] He works at Tokyo University of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is the major shareholder of the IT giant Abadin Electronics — and is also one of Abadin's founders. He likes to collect Digimon, with Digimon such as Betamon and ModokiBetamon known to be within his collection.

Whilst Saya was still alive, Tomonori cared deeply about her and his students. After her death however, his personality seems to change with him now only caring about research. He even stops caring about the fact his daughter had died. He becomes obsessed with reaching the Digital World to become its God and uses everyone and anyone to achieve this goal, not caring about anyone's feelings, even resorting to getting people killed if it would help achieve his goal. He fakes his personality, with his acting skills and charisma able to trick people into becoming loyal to him. Since he was always dedicated to his research, it's possible his personality was always fake and he had never actually cared about anyone.


Digimon Seekers[]

As an assistant professor at Tokyo University of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tomonori taught many students such as Kosuke Kisakata, Shuu Yulin, and his own daughter Saya Ryusenji. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-2 He also owned a company known as Ryusenji Laboratories — which was able to vault to the forefront of Digital World research shortly after its discovery due to the hard work of Tomonori and his students. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-3

One day, when Yulin arrived at Ryusenji Laboratories and delivered the mail to the professor, who was busy analyzing some code. He complains about the code itself being awful, expressing shock that it was probably written by Ryusenji himself. As they discuss Yulin's request for a proper server room, the campus being transferred to Denrin, and the new investments in their field around the world, Ryusenji lets her know that since the campus was going to be moved, all requests such as the server room were rejected since it'd be seen as a waste of money. Yulin questions if they will have to go overseas, prompting an annoyed response by Kosuke, who once again had slept in the office. As Yulin calls him out for his habits, Saya arrives with food for everyone and a change of clothes for Kosuke. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-2

As the group eat the food Saya had brought them, Yulin scolds Saya for coddling Kosuke too much though she fires back about how she is his wife and not his mother (though they were still dating, not married[3]). Tomonori laughs at the group's interactions, with the group moving on to talk about their research. Since Digimon didn't live very long, research wasn't going well and they figured they needed to find a way to breed and raise their own Digimon to make studying them easier. Saya mentions that if they really are living creatures they could raise them like pets, though Yulin points out she didn't feel that way herself. As they muse that extra-terrestrial life was actually on the Internet the whole time Tomonori laments that they will need money to be able to continue their research — something everyone is able to agree to. Fully devoted to this cause, Tomonori announces that he is going to start a company and as they doubt his ability to Kosuke brings up that the University had money set aside for start up companies which they should be able to use for this end if they were able to convince them to back the project. They decide Yulin should make the pitch since she was trilingual and good at presentations but Yulin herself was worried someone with Chinese ancestry doing so would ruin the entire plan. She winds up agreeing to do so as the others let her know that it didn't matter and she was the only one who could do it.

Some time later, having found a new office, Ryusenji Laboratories prepared to start their move. Kosuke tells the others the they wont see much of him as he would be "fighting on the front lines", with Saya disappointed with the fact he didn't have enough credits to graduate yet. Kosuke muses that it doesn't really matter as he doesn't mind staying at the University for a few more years with Tomonori saying he will hire him regardless of if he graduates. Saya protests, saying that's not something a professor should say — but he simply laughs saying maybe she's right. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-3

Tomonori Ryusenji and his students were able to get permission to use a warehouse within the Denrin District as a temporary base for their work despite the fact it was going to be destroyed for redevelopment soon. The group redecorate and replace the name plates with it acting as the headquarters for not just the University but Ryusenji Electrics as well. Tomonori was very happy, since he was now running his own business — even with the massive debts he had incurred setting it up. They had managed to set it up with a mix of University funds, money from the government, and Tomonori's own money — the biggest amount coming from Tomonori himself. Now they had managed to set things up, the group were ready to use Digimon to unlock something significant for humanity.

Some time later, Ryusenji shows off the fruits of his labor — the Digimon Dock. He intended to use it to record the actions of the Digimon, though none of his students were impressed with it. Since the Digimon die fast on their computers, he wondered if he could recreate their habitat as closely as possible within something else — hoping the Dock would be able to help with that. He decided to make it a toy, as he wanted children all over the World to be able to become friends with Digimon. When he refers to the Digimon as humanity’s irreplaceable companions, Yulin becomes enamoured with the idea and when Saya notices this she gives her a Digimon Dock. Yulin is surprised to see a Digitama on it, with Saya and Tomonori explaining they had found it on the Internet and that the Dock was able to display the data itself instead of as a series of numbers like on their computers. The group are amazed at the sight, and become even more excited when the Digitama begins to move. Thinking it was going to hatch, Tomonori snatches it out of their hands as he wanted to see. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-4

Tomonori was promoted to being a full time professor at the University. In addition, a big tech company invested so much money in his work it allowed Ryusenji Electronics to become a proper business. Tomonori was able to hire more staff and as the company got bigger they realized they needed to move on from the rented warehouse. At some point, Kosuke proposed to Saya and she accepted giving Tomonori a potential son-in-law.

Wanting to one day explore the Digital World, Tomonori continues to work even harder. Wanting to experience all five senses whilst there, he began researching DigiCores in the hopes he could transfer human consciousness into it and allow his goal to come true. He found it was possible too, as other scientists were researching ways to convert the human consciousness and memories into data. There were even machines that would allow blind people to access sight, or deaf people to access hearing though the government had made it so that they couldn't move past research for around 10-20 years. Tomonori figured however, that since the Digital World was a different World, those rules wouldn't apply which lead him to focus his time on this endeavour and would focus on it even if it took him the rest of his life. To make sure no one would find out and stop him, the company researched it in secret.

Some time later, Saya would become the first person to do a Mindlink — linking her mind with a Digimon — though the effects on her body were bad with her vomiting and defecating herself in front of everyone. As she did more and more Mindlinks her body got used to it and the side effects would be less severe. Upon coming too, she looks into her Digimon Dock and praises her Agumon for its hard work. Yulin and Kosuke had also been given their own Digimon partners, with Kosuke's turning his life around since he had to make sure he was able to properly look after Tentomon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-5

All three of them would go through many Mindlink tests though thus far had only explored their Digimon Docks. To be able to explore further than that, and reach the Digital World, they would need better computers. They would also need to learn how to control their partners, since if they lost control they would go passed the Mindlink limit and be unable to return to their bodies. As they discuss these facts, they also theorize what the Digital World would actually be like.

Kosuke was in charge of the development of the Digimon tools and would send Digimon out to the Digital World to explore. Around 80% of the Digimon would return alive, giving them lots of useful information. Tomonori muses that it would be impossible for such tests to be 100% successful, comparing it to space mission in the past — this making the students uncomfortable since he brought up instances of astronauts failing to come back especially since they would soon be joining the Digimon on their travels via Mindlinking. They would refer to said upcoming Mindlinking project as the Tartarus program.

Now time for to put the Tartarus program into action Yulin, Kosuke, and Saya Mindlink to their partners. They have their partners board the Tartarus probe, a digital observation vessel so that they could begin the Tartarus program. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-6 The Digimon search the Digital World on their own virtual vessels with their partners controlling the vessels using Kosuke's tools. Due to the weak technology being used, the groups visibility was low but despite this they followed the path set for them and continued on their journey. As they explored, they were attacked with Kosuke and Yulin having no clue what had attacked them. Yulin and Kosuke figure BlackAgumon had been the attack target, and were unable to do anything as Saya's unit vanished without a trace. Kosuke blamed himself, as he had been the one to push for her to be a one woman rescue team, and regretted it wishing he had been doing it instead so that she would've returned safe in place of him. Tomonori forces Kosuke and Yulin to retreat as he considered it far too dangerous to have them try and rescue his daughter. The Tartarus probe was damaged and Palmon and Tentomon were injured and as such he had them withdraw as the chance of all three of them falling into DMIA was too high. When they logged out, Kosuke cried as he held his unresponsive fiancée. Her consciousness had fused with BlackAgumon's DigiCore, and BlackAgumon's whereabouts was unknown. Now in a coma, her body was sent to the local hospital with no hopes of her ever waking up.

Over the following years, Tomonori made sure to keep Saya's body in a stable condition. He sent her to a hospital in the United States that specialized in coma patients then continued the Tartarus program and Mindlink tests in secret — though without the help of Yulin and Kosuke as he didn't want to put them in any more danger. Despite losing Saya, most aware of what happened considered the project a success as they had managed to capture footage of the Digital World and their programs allowing control of their Digimon worked as intended. Kosuke cut contact with Yulin, and dropped out of University — though still kept in contact with Tomonori. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-7

Many years later, and the Digimon Dock was a success. Many people had befriended and raised Digimon and and it did indeed allow them to live longer. More and more sponsors poured money into Tomonori's research and with more money, Tomonori was able to increase his influence within the University. The extra money also allowed the University itself continued to grow. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-4

Within the following years Ryusenji Electronics almost went out of business but was able to survive and rebrand itself as Abadin Electronics due to a tech heavyweight investing enough cash to allow them to continue. With the newly rebranded company, Tomonori once again became a hit in the tech industry. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-8

At some point, he had tried to create an amusement park named "Digimon Land", but had to shelve the plans as some people used Digimon to commit crimes. Crimes involving Digimon were not known to the public as World leaders had covered them up, and he figured it would cause an uproar if anyone found out that the same creatures in Digimon Land were also being used to do crimes and thought the media would probably create a media storm calling Digimon and the Digital World evil. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-4

Some time after that, Leon Alexander had visited Abadin Electronics with his father. Whilst there, Tomonori had shown Leon a video of the Digital World, followed up by him giving him a Digimon Dock with a Digi-Egg on it figuring he could raise the Digimon well. Leon spent his youth desiring to study Digimon and upon becoming old enough applied to join Tokyo University of Electrical and Computer Engineering since it would allow him to return to Tomonori, who worked there. During this time, he had also given updates on Pulsemon, with Tomonori telling him how to upgrade his Digimon Dock as thanks. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-6 Leon was eventually able to attend the University as part of a study abroad program and whilst living in Japan, rented a room belonging to Tomonori. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-18

When Yulin joined the DigiPolice, Tomonori gave her Ryudamon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-8 He also at some point gave Kosuke Dorumon. Unknown to both, Tomonori had hacked the two Prototype Digimon and put programs into them — as well as putting the same program into their Digimon Linkers. This would allow him to control the Digimon's actions whenever he wanted. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8

At some point, Saya died. Knowing how much Kosuke wanted to save her, Tomonori created fake videos of her supposed continued time at the facility and used them to trick Kosuke into going along with his plans to gain access to the Digital World. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8 Tomonori's goals at some point changed from curiosity over the Digital World to wanting to find the Source Digimon, Mindlink with it, and then rule the Digital World as its God. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-9

At some point, the Sons of Chaos had struck with deal with Tomonori to try and make a cure for DMIA. The SoC would provide the needed drugs, and he in return would give them the data on the trials. Over the many years, they are able to make a prototype medicine — though it would need to be applied to the Digimon — and it had originally been made to extend the amount of time one could safely Mindlink. Theoretically it would peel the human consciousness away from the Digimon's DigiCore, granting a window for the human's self-awareness to return, which they hope would allow them to heal someone of DMIA. They had run tests on Digimon with AI copies of human data and had found that it was possible to separate the human from the Digimon. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-11

Some time later, Abadin Electronics had collected Loogamon from Ninth Avenue, supposedly to keep it safe. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-1

Some time later, he hired Eiji Nagasumi to get him a ModokiBetamon. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-3

After Eiji captures the ModokiBetamon for him, he goes to the reception of Abadin Electronics and texts Tomonori that he had arrived. As Eiji marvelled at a nearby 3D image he is approached by Tomonori, who refers to Eiji by his alias "Fang". Eiji introduces himself with his actual name, with Tomonori telling a flustered Hatsune to give Eiji a guest pass and a co-researcher pass as they were going to visit D4. He escorts Eiji to D4 and tells him he plans to show him Abadin Electronics' top secret project. As Eiji was about to follow Tomonori in, the security guards perform a security check on him and take away his personal belongings. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-2

After taking Eiji into the room, he shows him a presentation on the nearby computer which explains to him what the Digital World and Digimon are. It explains that most people don't know about them, then segways into talking about how criminals had been using Digimon to help aid them in their illegal activities. The presentation shows footage from someone who was on a plane, with the footage showing the plane falling from the sky — having been shot down by someone who owned a Digimon. This freaks Eiji out, and he decides he didn't want to see any more.

Tomonori takes Eiji to his office where Eiji gives him his Digimon Dock. He puts it into his lab equipment and happily celebrates when it hololizes and shows that Eiji had managed to capture the ModokiBetamon he had asked him to get. Eiji, having seen a Betamon during the presentation, is confused as to why Tomonori wanted a ModokiBetamon since he already had a Betamon and didn't know what made them different other than the difference in color. Impressed that Eiji had noticed the difference in the first place, Tomonori gives him a bonus on top of his regular payment. Tomonori asks Eiji what he thought of the earlier video, and though he hadn't enjoyed the plane part, said he enjoyed the video. He tells him about his failed plan to open Digimon Land. Eiji tells him he liked the part where it said Digimon were "living A.I. creatures" and thought it was cool fiction and that if he were still a kid he would've loved it even more. Tomonori, hearing heard what Eiji had just said, tells him that Digimon are not fictional, they are real. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-3

Eiji laughs and says it would be cool if they were actually real. He asks Eiji if he wants to know the truth about the Digital World and what was inside of it, which Eiji agrees to as he wanted to see what Tomonori had been seeing. Having originally thought that the video footage was made on a computer, Eiji realizes the footage was in fact real and reacts in excitement about the fact he had learned that Digimon were actually real.

As Tomonori tells Eiji that he had dedicated his entire life to researching the Digital World, the transfer of ModokiBetamon finishes. Tomonori picks up Eiji's Digimon Dock and throws it towards the trash can, with Eiji reacting quick enough to catch it before it went into it. Annoyed, since he had spent a lot of money on it, he asks Tomonori why he had done so, with Tomonori telling him that there was an error in its memory and that the error had nearly destroyed the ModokiBetamon during the transfer due to how old his Dock was. Eiji tells him that he can't throw it away, since he doesn't have much money, and that the old Dock was all he had. Hearing this, Tomonori gives him a brand new Digimon Linker which had already been calibrated to work for Eiji — since he had always planned to give it to him in the first place. He then shows Eiji that the Digimon Linker wasn't the only gift he had given him, pressing a button on the device to show that he had also given him a new Digimon — Loogamon. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-4 Unknown to both Eiji and Loogamon, Tomonori had put the same program into Loogamon and Eiji's Digimon Linker that he had also put into Dorumon and Ryudamon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8

A few days later, after Eiji receives an urgent call from Abadin Electronics, he rushes over to Tomonori's office. He asks Tomonori what was up with Loogamon, though Tomonori just tells Eiji that he seems to have been raising Loogamon well and that he will reward him even more if he is able to get Loogamon to digivolve to higher levels with each level bringing him more rewards. Eiji tells him not to change the subject and asks him if he had read the training report he had sent, though Tomonori says he hadn't as he received hundreds of emails per day and as such hadn't had time to read it.

Tomonori opens up the email and clicks on the video file Eiji had attached to it and watches as it shows Loogamon in front of four bowls of food, with his three Tyrannomon trembling in fear of the dog Digimon in the corner of their cage. Tomonori tells Eiji that Loogamon is a wolf, and that when wolves form a pack they always have an alpha wolf and are strict about their social hierarchy. Loogamon had made itself leader of the pack despite being at a lower level than them and as it was the leader of the pack, had first dibs on food. Eiji tells Tomonori that Loogamon had even tried to eat one of his Tyrannomon, then complains that it ate too much and popped too much and that he couldn't afford to feed such a glutten. Tomonori didn't care though, and after Eiji realized this he instead asked about the thing on Loogamon's forehead. Tomonori doesn't tell him what it is, though still praises him for noticing it, then asks him if he had used Loogamon in battle yet. Eiji cries out about how Loogamon wouldn't listen to a single one of his commands, unlike the real dog he used to own, and so Tomonori tells him to hololize it. Eiji does so, with Loogamon being asleep. Tomonori analyses the data and is impressed, praising Eiji for how high his DS value was. He tells him that no one else had ever managed to score so high and that he was glad he had hired Eiji for this. He asks Eiji if he had gotten his other Digimon from GriMM, which he confirms, then asks Eiji to tell him what his occupation was. Eiji tells him that he is a code cracker, which Tomonori says means he should know what Crack Teams are. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-7

He plays a video for Eiji which explains what Crack Teams are. He tells Eiji he can do whatever he wants in the Network and Digital World, as they had no borders or laws, but warns him about his code cracking job since the government consider them to be trouble makers. Eiji protests, saying he's careful and that the DigiPolice wont go after him. Tomonori brings up that Eiji was a code cracker but doesn't seem to follow the same ideals as them and asks him what his goal is, to which Eiji says is to win. He wants to become a really good code cracker so that he can raise Digimon well, make lots of money, and have a team of his own just like Tomonori. Tomonori wonders if he has to be a code cracker to achieve those things, to which Eiji affirms as he wants to get into the Digital World and sees it as the only way to be able to do so. Tomonori breaths a sigh of relief and tells Eiji that he was just testing him, as if Eiji had shown he believed in the ideals of the other code crackers he wouldn't have hired him.

Tomonori plays another video, this one displaying information about the Sons of Chaos. Eiji says he knows who they are, and Tomonori asks him what he thinks about them. Eiji says he thinks they are dangerous and are known for doing crimes with Digimon. Despite this, Eiji finds their leader, Tartarus to be very charismatic, despite not actually knowing who it was. Tomonori tells Eiji that although they are popular, they are meddling with the Digital World's ecosystem in a very negative way which would also cause issues to the human society, and as such was threatening his research. The last thing he wanted was for such crackers to cause laws to be made against the Digital World and that the prime minster and police weren't doing enough to stop it. Eiji brings up that it sounds dangerous, to which Tomonori asks if that means he wasn't interested. Instead however, Eiji was even more excited as he had always wanted to confront other code crackers over their terrible acts. Happy with this, Tomonori tells Eiji to join the Sons of Chaos as an undercover agent so he could find out what Tartarus was up to. Eiji: Wolf of the Ninth Avenue Chapter 1-8

Days later, Eiji goes to a meeting with Tomonori, who congratulates him on his recent results with Loogamon. Eiji tells him that he had been accepted into the Sons of Chaos, informs him of his trial mission in Ninth Avenue, and tells him it was easy since Loogamon had lived there before. Tomonori tells him that Abadin had collected Loogamon from Ninth Avenue to keep it safe, though doesn't expand on that when asked. Eiji continues to tell him about the mission, and about the fact that Loogamon had regained some of its memories, with Tomonori telling Eiji to be there for Loogamon when it gains its memories as regaining them can cause mental anguish. As Eiji affirms he will, he is given a reward due to helping Loogamon digivolve to Champion and is tasked to continue looking into the Sons of Chaos. He tells them he already has a meeting set up with the higher ups of the group, impressing Tomonori — who becomes even more impressed upon learning his meeting will be with Marvin Jackson. He reminds Eiji not to blow his cover, then opens up a file for him to see stating it is so important it is a matter of life and death. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-1

Tomonori shows him video footage of the person who had Mindlinked the most. The person's body has negative reactions to Mindliniking with the person convulsing and having to be attended to by medical personnel. The man eventually ends up motionless, seemingly dead, with Tomonori telling Eiji that the higher level the Digimon the less time they can spend Mindlinked warning him something like what happened to the man in the video could happen to him too. Should Eiji spend too long Mindlinked his mind will never able to to return to his body, and his body will die shortly afterwards. His consciousness would still remain within Loogamon, though he would be forever trapped within his partner. Tomonori sets a warning system within Eiji's Mindlink and tells him to return when it tells him to to avoid falling to the same fate. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-3

Sometime later, having severed their Mindlink, Pulsemon and Leon wake up in the real world. Leon takes off Abadin Electronics mindlink endurance test apparatus, with the duo congratulating each other on their success at breaking the Mindlink world record. Tomonori arrives and congratulates the duo on having gotten revenge for the entire country of the United States of America, since the X Nation's Machinedramon had been responsible for WWW Flight 626's crash, which resulted in the deaths of over 100 Americans and Leon had killed Machinedramon. Leon was pleased with this, since he wanted to get personal revenge against them for said terrorist attack against his home country. Happy at finally having been able to get his revenge, he reminisces about everything he had been through since meeting Tomori more than a decade earlier. He then tells Tomonori he has to leave, as he had a meeting with Eiji to attend. Leon had defeated the SoC, who had been trying to free the Machinedramon to make it their minion, with Leon having defeated Eiji during the mission. This lead to them reconnecting online and setting up a meeting. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-6

After his meeting with Leon, Eiji goes to meet with Tomonori Ryusenji in his office. They discuss the SoC's failure in trying to acquire Machinedramon, with Eiji noting he had realized just how serious the Mind Link limit was. To the annoyance of Loogamon, Ryusenji mentions they survived as they had kept time on their side with Loogamon taking it to mean had they not they would've lost. It insists it will defeat Pulsemon should they ever fight again, with Ryusenji telling him he would, at the least, need to digivolve to Ultimate to stand a chance of doing so. Wanting to win, Loogamon tell Eiji to help it digivolve to Ultimate, which Eiji happily agrees to do. Sad that they had been unable to capture Machinedramon, Eiji blames Leon with Ryusenji mentioning him as one of his employees. He brings up a file on Kazuchimon, with Eiji worried that fighting one of his employees might get him fired. Ryusenji assures him he has no reason to fire him with Leon disapproving of Eiji being a hacker having nothing to do with their relationship. Though he didn't tell Leon about the fact he was working as a double agent, he tells Ryusenji he's worried Leon could figure it out and let it slip though as Ryusenji tells Eiji he will deal with Leon his phone rings with the news his next appointment had arrived. Eiji excuses himself, though not before telling him he had had contact with Tartarus. Interested, Ryusenji asks how he was though Eiji reports he only heard his voice — relaying that no one had ever DMIA during one of his missions and that he wanted a BlackAgumon. Ryusenji calls in his waiting guest — Shuu Yulin — with Eiji walking passed her on his way out. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-9

During a battle between Eiji and Leon, Leon goes over his Mindlink limit to protect Eiji from Omegamon of the Royal Knights — who had shown up and attacked them in the middle of the battle. Eiji sends Ryusenji a message about what had happened to Leon, with Ryusenji letting the doctors into Leon's building since he was the one who owned it. They rush Leon to the hospital with Leon having now found himself in a coma — suffering from DMIA due to having used Mindlink for too long. Tomonori pretends to be upset at seeing his student in such a state, with Leon now never able to be awoken from his coma. He whispers to Leon that he "knew one too many lies" and watches the monitor displaying his pulse. Hacker Leon: WWW Airlines flight 626 Chapter 2-Intermission

Yulin arrives at Abadin's medial center, and looks on at the unconscious Leon. She looks on in shock at the fact that the legendary hacker Judge was such a young man, similar to her friend Saya who had also become DMIA at a young age. As she reads his medical files, she reacts in horror when learning a member of the Royal Knights was responsible. She wonders why he hadn't run away when he came across the Royal Knight and continues to read about how Eiji had been the one who had reported him as missing and had even been with him just before it happened. As she begins to come to a conclusion as to what had happened, Tomonori arrives and explains that Leon was one of his newer students. He thanks her for coming, as she was the only member of the DigiPolice he trusts, and the two of them discuss business. The topic eventually gets back to Leon, with Tomonori upset as he had promised he would never let another one of his students come to harm and had failed. He brings up a video of Saya, who was also unconscious and covered in medical equipment, giving the latest update on her status though Yulin felt nothing as they weren't any closer to curing her despite how many years had passed. Tomonori notices her demeanour and compliments her but she shoots it down, not believing him.

They move on to discussing Eiji, with Yulin bringing up the fact they were aware he was working with Tomonori and as such had come as the DigiPolice were interested in him having learned about his actions causing Leon to become DMIA. Tomonori insists Eiji was a good boy and that he would never intentionally DMIA anyone and also tells her he is a member of the Sons of Chaos — though Yulin points out she already knew as Eiji had defeated Satsuki. He tells her that both he and Tartarus would back Eiji up, which Yulin perceives as a threat to leave him alone. She winds up agreeing to tread carefully with him after Tomonori guilts her by bringing up how much he had protected her and Kosuke and that he was protecting Eiji the same way. She does however say that she will not do the same thing for Tartarus and reveals she knows Tartarus is Kosuke.

She introduces Tomonori to Ryudamon, explaining that he was the one who had given it to her. He brings up that Kosuke had a Dorumon and notes that they're similar because of their interfaces with both being Prototype Digimon. Tomonori was impressed that she had learned about Prototype Digimon and becomes even more impressed when she points out that she knows Loogamon was one as well and that the three of them were Vaccine, Data, and Virus. He tells her that he had trusted Loogamon to Eiji as he had shown a lot of promise like her and Kosuke and that he had had taken Loogamon from the Wall Slums. Not wanting to hide anything from his friend he tells her that his DS values were similar in level to Leon with Yulin surprised at just how strong Eiji's levels were. He even excitedly explains that Eiji's levels are getting even better as time goes on and that he may even match Saya's levels — the highest they had ever had. She asks why he had given Eiji Loogamon and a Digimon Linker and he simply says it was because he was bored. He talks about how the young will one day overtake the young and that it is his job to help them on that path for the sake of not just his research but for the Digital World as well and happy with these answers — Yulin begins to leave though is stopped in her tracks when Tomonori says he doesn't care who explores the Digital World and as long as someone does, even if they were a criminal. As he plays with his Betamon, Yulin receives a phone call from Satsuki and learns that something strange was going on in the Digital World — though not before Tomonori tells Yulin that he couldn't stop Kosuke even if he wanted to and if she wanted him to be taken out she would have to do it herself. Unit 11: Digital Missing In Action Chapter 3-8

Kosuke and Eiji are successful in the plan, and are able to defeat the DigiPolice and break into the gateway to reach the Source Domain within the Digital World. All Kosuke needed to do now was hack into the system via the three Prototype Digimon and he would have access to the entire Digital World's systems so he could use them to track down BlackAgumon. As Kosuke continues to hack, letters only the Prototype Digimon would understand appear with the trio decoding it. Kosuke's monitor suddenly shuts off however, ending the hack, with Tomonori arriving and greeting the group with a cheery "good morning". Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-7

Everyone is confused by Tomonori's presence, which the professor fails to understand, as he is the one who asked them to raise the Prototype Digimon for him. Tomonori then restrains Loogamon and Dorumon with the same tool used on Ryudamon, bypassing both of their security systems. Loogamon realizes the restraint tool was installed in them from the start. Tomonori states the restraint tool is part of the research tools installed in the Digimon handled by Ryusenji Electronics and the Digimon Linker. Eiji realizes the Digimon Linker's monitoring of his health and Loogamon's progress is all being sent to DDL. Tomonori reveals he can forcibly take control of their Digimon whenever he wants, even when they are mindlinked, and that their Partner Digimon are his tools.

Yulin realizes that while the Prototype Digimon are meant to access the Source Domain, the Digimon Linkers are meant to be a bridge between the Real World and Digital World, granting Tomonori access to the Source Domain. Eiji realizes Tomonori's image is a video feed projected from their Digimon instead of being properly hololized. Loogamon regains its memory of being captured by DDL employees in the Wall Slum and having the restraint tool installed in it. Kosuke angrily reacts to Tomonori's actions. Tomonori starts to decrypt the Data part of the Source Domain's code with Dorumon's interface and states it's only right the leading expert on Digital World research be the one to do this. Kosuke gets angry because they were supposed to be on the same side, and he also wants to save Saya. Eiji asks Tomonori about Saya, trying to learn the full story.

Tomonori explains how he covered up the accident with the Tartarus probe to protect Kosuke and Yulin, and his promise to look after them even after they left Ryusenji Electronics. He also tells Kosuke and Yulin he's proud of having invested so much in them, and asks them to see his current actions as him calling back the favor they own him. Eiji continues his question, realizing it makes no sense for Tomonori to fight Kosuke if they are both trying to save Saya. Tomonori reveals he has no interest in looking for BlackAgumon, which confuses Eiji. Yulin asks Tomonori about a hunch she has had. Tomonori calls the universal directory information tree and summons an unconscious Pulsemon to the Source Domain, revealing one can easily search any Digimon by their identification code in the Depths of the Digital World.

Tomonori then summons BlackAgumon, also unconscious. The professor confirms his suspicion that a Partner Digimon survives their mindlinker's death. His words shock all in the room. Tomonori shows for a brief moment a video of Saya in a capsule full of colored fluid, revealing the videos he had been sending to Kosuke were fake, and Saya has been dead for a long time. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-8

Kosuke refuses to believe it, with Tomonori finding Kosuke's reaction boring — since he had predicted that's how he would react. He did find satisfaction in the fact the fake hope that she was alive allowed him to control Kosuke though, since it had allowed him to achieve his goals. Eiji yells out to Kosuke that they had found the BlackAgumon the Sons of Chaos had been looking for, with this snapping Kosuke back to reality. Still refusing to believe she was dead, he takes out the medicine that would sever her and her BlackAgumon's Mindlink connection. Tomonori tells Kosuke that the medicine was real, and would indeed work, and that the only thing he had lied about was the fact she had already died but asks him if he would be able to live with the consequences — what would happen if her consciousness had no body to return to? As he looked at the BlackAgumon, he found himself unable to administer the medicine. He didn't have it in him to find out if Tomonori was lying or not.

Tomonori's hacking finishes, with Dorumon screaming in pain — the pain causing it to pass out. Kosuke apologizes to his partner, with Tomonori telling the group they had no idea what Kosuke was going to do with the source domain once he had it. Kosuke tells Tomonori he hadn't needed to do any of this as he was simply going to give the credit to him anyway — since he only cared about Saya — though Tomonori didn't care as he was done with Kosuke. He would turn his attention to Ryudamon, and begin hacking it just like he had done to Dorumon moments before. Yulin asks Tomonori why he was doing this — since his daughter was dead — with Tomonori telling the group he was interested in the Source Digimon. Yulin tells him that trying to find it was too dangerous, to which he agrees, but had no desire to stop in his goals despite how dangerous it could be as it would satiate his boredom. Yulin tells him she had lost all respect for him, whilst Eiji declares him a traitor. Tomonori didn't care though, and tells them he was going to Mindlink with the Source Digimon.

Tomonori asks Eiji how he had betrayed him, to which Eiji changes his mind and decides he actually hadn't. He realizes that someone as talented and rich as Tomonori would never take interest in someone like Eiji unless it was to have him digivolve Loogamon, and so couldn't betray him as he was never really on Eiji's side in the first place. Tomonori tells him that he was the perfect candidate to raise Loogamon, since his entire family were dead and his DS levels with Loogamon were high and that had he told him about the plan — neither he nor Loogamon would've developed as well as they had. Seeing that Eiji had understood what had happened, he became confused as to why he had taken the side of Kosuke and Yulin. As Tomonori questions Eiji, Loogamon gets up and tells Tomonori to shut up. Having heard enough, Loogamon asks why Tomonori hadn't put a stop to its digivolution to Helloogarmon — since he had clearly been watching the battle — with Tomonori telling that watching the battle was more fun that stopping it, even had it resulted in Leon's death. This enraged the duo further, with Tomonori disappointed that they had supposedly betrayed him. He tells them that Leon knew his secret and had grown too strong — and so had to be dealt with.

Eiji and Loogamon still had the desire to save Leon and Pulsemon. Their hearts become one, with this allowing Loogamon to break free from the restraints. This shocks Tomonori, with Loogamon telling him that it can delete any foreign objects within its body with its flames. Tomonori pauses his hack on Ryudamon, and turns his attention to Loogamon. Eiji readies his Digimon Linker, and tells Tomonori that this wasn't going to end well for him. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-9

Tomonori had already hacked Dorumon, and, having paused his hacking of Ryudamon to hack Loogamon instead, tries to using his hacking tools to restrain it so that he could do so. As Eiji wonders how they would be able to stop him, since they couldn't attack a hologram, Loogamon tells its partner that the battle would most likely be against Tomonori's pawns. As he says that, Dorumon — having woken up during the conversation — attacks Loogamon. Eiji asks Kosuke why he had told Dorumon to attack them, though Kosuke — who had not been paying attention to what was going on as he was still wallowing in despair — looks at the commotion and asks why Dorumon was attacking them. This has Eiji realize Kosuke wasn't behind it, with him coming to the conclusion that someone else must've been controlling its actions. He asks Tomonori if he was the one doing it, to which he confirms he was as he had hacked into Kosuke's Mindlink — allowing him direct control of Dorumon's actions. He forces Dorumon to digivolve, with Dorumon digivolving all the way to the Mega level.

With Dorugoramon by his side, Tomonori asks Eiji if he was going to fight him or if he was going to join his side and allow him to complete the hack of the three Prototype Digimon. He tells him that if he helps him get access to the Source Digimon he would forgive his betrayal and would allow him to continue working for him. He states he would give him a free apartment, as much food as he wanted, and that if he took this offer one of the women working for him might fall in love with him — specifically naming Hatsune. He gives him to the count of ten to make his choice, with Eiji actually considering accepting since he could skip university and work for such a prestigious company and maybe even become one of the higher ups or use the money to make his own business. As it seems he was going to accept the deal, Loogamon reacts in shock, with Eiji explaining that he had already had a taste of the good life and wanted more. Tomonori reacts happily, and tells Eiji he will make sure he has a high salary, though Eiji reveals he was bluffing and instead was going to forge his own path by using the Digital World to bring people to together. Not amused by the deception, Tomonori gives him one last chance to reconsider but Eiji refuses and has Loogamon digivolve.

Soloogarmon attacks Dorugoramon, but its attack does nothing to its Mega level opponent. Tomonori sarcastically congratulates the duo on their attack. Yulin tells Eiji about Dorugoramon's attacks, and that it is very effective in both short and long range combat — with this leaving very little in the way of defeating it. Eiji is surprised upon hearing Yulin helping him, though she quickly points out the fact that Soloogarmon would lose from just one attack. Refusing that notion, Eiji and Soloogarmon declare they'll win and start mocking Tomonori. He sees through their ruse though, and tells them that since he isn't Mindlinking they wouldn't be able to stall him out and that all that would happen is that Kosuke would fall into DMIA — since Kosuke was actually the one Mindlinking with Dorugoramon. Even if that were to happen, Tomonori would still have control of Dorugoramon. Their plan thwarted, Soloogarmon uses its thrusters to fly into the air — in the hopes that it would be be able to avoid Dorugoramon's attacks and defeat it from the air. As Soloogarmon avoided the attacks, they notice Dorugoramon had suddenly stopped paying attention to them and realize it was now aiming its attack at Ryudamon and the others. Eiji was confused, since killing Ryudamon would make accessing the Source Digimon impossible, and realizes his actual target was Pulsemon. He was going to use Pulsemon as a hostage to get what he wanted. Not wanting his friend to die, Soloogarmon changes from aerial attacks to a direct attack but is easily defeated by Dorugoramon at close range. Tomonori tells Eiji he is lucky that he can't kill Soloogarmon, since he still needed it, and mocks the death of Eiji's parents. This further angers Eiji, with Tomonori telling him he had won since no matter what he did he still had Pulsemon. Tomonori motions to Pulsemon but reacts in shock when he sees that it, BlackAgumon, and Ryudamon were no longer there. One of Eiji's Tyrannomon arrives, with Tomonori realizing he had had his Tyrannomon do stuff whilst Tomonori was distracted with Soloogarmon. As Tomonori wonders where they had gone, he figures there was only one place they could be — the altar. Eiji and Soloogarmon try to tell the Tyrannomon to flee but they're too late, with Dorugoramon getting there within seconds. Dorogoramon attacks the Tyrannomon at the altar, though Soloogarmon is able to get there in time and block the attack — saving its allies. Tomonori becomes confused, since Eiji could easily replace the Tyrannomon, but Soloogarmon tells him to leave its friends out of their battle. Now even more determined to win, Eiji and Soloogarmon's hearts become even more linked — and with an even higher desire to save their friends — Soloogarmon digivolves to Fenriloogamon. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-10

Eiji and Tomonori have a back and forth about their ideals, with Eiji declaring he would take Tomonori out. Tomonori tries to bribe Eiji again, but it fails once again after Loogamon snaps Eiji out nearly falling for it again. The talking over, Fenriloogamon attacks the mind controlled Dorugoramon.

In the middle of their battle, Fenriloogamon and the mind controlled Dorugoramon notice a giant pillar of light emanating from the stone circle. This has them realize Kosuke had used the medicine on Pulsemon.

Pulsemon runs into battle, and joins Fenriloogamon's side. Pulsemon and Leon's voices speak at the same time, the two of them still connected, with Tomonori fascinated to see Leon's mind trying to split itself from Pulsemon's. The battle comes to a halt, with Tomonori wanting to watch the medical history unfold before his eyes — which gives Eiji and Leon/Pulsemon the time to catch up. As they talk, Leon/Pulsemon eventually notices Tomonori linked with Dorugoramon and asks why he was doing so. Tomonori tells him he was simply fighting the Sons of Chaos, and was currently in the middle of a battle with Eiji — claiming he was now one of the SoC's leaders. He uses his fake personality to try and smooth over Leon, telling him that they had finally managed to reach the Digital World, but that Eiji and the Sons of Chaos were trying to ruin it for him and so they should team up to stop Eiji. Eiji defends himself and tells Leon/Pulsemon that the enemy was Tomonori and not him, with Pulsemon digivolving upon hearing this.

Tomonori and Eiji both yell out for Leon to take their side, with Kazuchimon answering by attacking Dorugoramon. Tomonori was shocked, and asks why he had turned on him. Leon/Pulsemon tell him that Kosuke was the one who had saved him, and that Eiji was the one who had been looking for him the entire time — with Tomonori having used them as blackmail to try and stop Eiji in combat. He reveals he had heard everything that had happened even though Pulsemon was unconscious and states that though he could never stand beside a code cracker under normal circumstances — he could put it aside for now as he was even more against someone trying to cause an irrational loss of life in the Digital World by wanting to play God. Leon/Kazuchimon tell Eiji that they could trust him more than Tomonori, as Eiji having unlocked his partner's Mega form showed he was worth trusting compared to Tomonori who had caused Dorumon to digivolve to Mega by force. Before the battle continues, Eiji tells Tomonori the main reason lost his trust for him was because he wasn't Mindlinking and risking his life and was instead just controlling Dorugoramon from within the safety of his office. Tomonori tries to defend himself, saying the mission only had a fifty percent chance of working — meaning he didn't want to risk his life over something that might not actually succeed — though Leon/Kazuchimon tell him that such cowardice means he will be unable to win the battle. Leon/Kazuchimon offers Tomonori the chance to surrender, since it was now two against one, though he refuses as he thinks it's his former employees who had no chance of winning. He starts to hack, reminding the duo he had gained access to the source code, and as he does, Kosuke's hologram collapses. Yulin freaks out, confused as to what was going on, with Eiji and Leon/Kazuchimon noticing something was happening to Dorugoramon's DigiCore. Large amounts of data begins to pour into Dorugoramon's DigiCore via its interface, with everyone realizing that if it continued — Dorugoramon would die as its body would be unable to handle that much data. Wanting to save Dorugoramon, the two Mega Digimon try to attack it — but are too late. Dorugoramon, in a bid not to die, began Death-X-evolution. Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-11

Fenriloogamon and Kazuchimon try to stop it before it could complete the digivolution, but were unable to do so. Eiji compares the situation to when Loogarmon digivolved to Helloogarmon, whilst Tomonori boasts about having learned about Death-X-evolution via the source code and had decided to put it into action right away so that he could use it to defeat his new found enemies. Eiji, seeing DexDorugoramon, is reminded of his now deceased dog and realizes that Dorugoramon was dead. Instead, it was now a zombie with its mind being controlled by a virus. It had even taken in the data of various other DigiCores, technically no longer being just Dorugoramon. Tomonori realizes that DexDorugoramon was now the closest being to the Source Digimon, and that if he continued he would finally gain access to said Digimon, and has DexDorugoramon attack its enemies. As Fenriloogamon and Kazuchimon are taken out with only one attack, Eiji and Leon — their Digimon suffering from the effect of the attack — discuss the fact that DexDorugoramon was this strong with only one third of the source domain's power and that they could not allow him to win and gain the rest of the data by hacking Loogamon and Ryudamon. If they allowed it to happen, he would gain access to the Source Digimon and could rule the World. At this point, Tomonori yells out he no longer had control of DexDorugoramon and had instead had managed to program it to work in auto pilot and had commanded it to eat the DigiCores of Loogamon and Ryudamon so that it could become the ultimate Prototype Digimon. As the battle continues, Leon tells Eiji to flee — since they could not allow it to eat Loogamon's DigiCore — and tells him he will fight in his place as thanks for saving him. Eiji refuses though, telling him he was done running away and crying as he had done enough of that after seeing Leon fall into DMIA. Leon tries to change his mind, though Fenriloogamon tells him to shut up and that they were not going to abandon their friends. Surprised they still wanted to be friends, Leon confides in Eiji that he didn't think he had it in him to defeat Tomonori because of what they had been through but wonders if he could do it with Eiji, Pulsemon, and Loogamon by his side. He tells Eiji that, although they were on different sides, he still believed in him, with Kazuchimon putting his hand against Fenriloogamon's interface. Leon tells Eiji he had earned Kazuchimon's power, this causing their partners to Fuse together — the duo becoming one as Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi.

Tomonori was surprised to see just how much Leon hated him, to the level that he would even team up with a code cracker. Leon tells him he cannot live with pride until he defeats Tomonori, with Eiji telling him he had gone way too far. As they readied an attack to defeat DexDorugoramon, Eiji's Mindlink timer rang — meaning no matter what happened, this was the final attack. Tomonori declares he will have DexDorugoramon eat both of them and end their lives, though they both tell him to shut up. Fenriloogamon Takemikazuchi then launches its attack Sons of Chaos: Seekers Chapter 4-12 and defeats it, reverting it back to Dorumon. As they see the threat had been dealt with, they also notice Tomonori had left. Epilogue

Tomonori flees Japan and goes to the America, though he ends up not getting into any trouble as what he did wasn't actually illegal. Despite now being enemies with Tomonori, Tomonori apparently didn't seem to mind as he still made occasional contact with Eiji and Leon and continued to pay them both. He remained in control of Abadin Electronics, and continued on as one of the lead researchers of the Digital World.

Around a year later, he books a flight back to Japan to attend Eiji's birthday party — Eiji unaware he was doing this. He ends up having to cancel though, as he had to go to a meeting with the United States secretary of defence. Hatsune, who was at Eiji's party, tells him this, with everyone in the group sign with relief upon learning he was unable to attend. Epilogue

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