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Tokyo Digital Crisis
(Tōkyō Dejitaru Kuraishisu)
Airdate (Ja:) April 5, 2020
(En:) April 4, 2020 (subbed)
Toei Animation
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Tai Kamiya and Izzy Izumi are two boys preparing for their kids’ club camping trip when Tai’s mother and sister are caught in a cyberattack occurring in Tokyo. Tai fights to save his family with a mysterious life form.


In the Network, a large amount of Digi-Eggs hatch into Argomon as Koromon approaches.

Meanwhile, Tai Kamiya is preparing for a camping trip at home as his mother and his sister Kari return from lessons. Izzy Izumi stops by with questions about the upcoming trip, and Tai invites him in. Izzy hears the news about ongoing cyberattacks and goes online to confirm that the way the attacks are happening is abnormal. Izzy then confirms that the trains on the Tokyo Loop Line are out of control.

Tai panics and begins rushing to the trains as he realizes his mother and sister in the middle of the problem, a fear his mother confirms. As Izzy plots a way to get to Shibuya, Tai jumps the faregates to try and save his family. The Crest of Courage appears on his phone as he is transported into the Network, where he spots an injured Koromon flung away after being attacked. Disregarding the risk to himself, Tai leaps out to catch Koromon as they fall. The Crest of Courage shines, and Koromon digivolves to Agumon as Tai obtains a Digivice:.

Before they can get their bearings, a swarm of Argomon attacks them. Agumon protects Tai with far more success in battle than previous. Izzy contacts Tai through the Digivice: as Tai rescues Agumon from a sticky situation. Izzy informs him of his current location and situation, including the fact that the Argomon swarms are behind the various cyberattacks. Izzy directs Tai toward the swarm that is affecting the Tokyo Loop Line. Agumon takes out most of them, but the one remaining Argomon digivolves and heralds an increase in danger to the trains. Hearing that, Tai charges forward anyway, and Agumon digivolves to Greymon. Greymon takes out Argomon, allowing the emergency stop to activate and prevent disaster.

Just as they begin to relax, Izzy detects an attack on the US military network which could lead to a nuclear crisis, as Matt Ishida and Garurumon watch Tai.

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Other


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Koromon 3 Agumon 6 Greymon
Koromon t.gif Agumon t.gif Greymon t.gif
Digi-Egg 1 Argomon (Fresh) 2 Argomon (In-Training) 4 Argomon (Rookie) 5 Argomon (Champion)
9-01 Argomon's Digi-Egg.png 9-01 Argomon Fresh.png Argomon (In-Training) t.gif 9-02 Argomon (Rookie).png 9-01 Argomon (Champion).png


Other notes

Animation errors

  • "Chosen" is incorrectly spelled "Choosen" on Izzy Izumi's new OS.

Digimon references

  • Izzy's pineapple laptop is updated to a tablet PC.
  • Tai's phone displays the Crest of Courage when he decides to act to try and save his family. Izzy's new OS after coming to a realization about the current state of the world has the Crest of Knowledge. Both are the Crests they were associated with in Digimon Adventure and continue to be symbols for them on their Digivice:s.

Real-world references

  • Among the applications on Izzy's computer include "WeTalk", a parody of WeChat.
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