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To Sora
(Sora e)
"To Sora"
Airdate (Ja:) November 22, 2019
(En:) January 31, 2020 (sub)
Toei Animation
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Over ten years have passed since that initial adventure. Sora worries over what she should do with her future. What choice has she ultimately arrived at?


Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi texts Sora Takenouchi informing her that signs of a Digital Gate had been detected near Shibuya, though Sora was in a different room preparing flowers for her flower arrangement, and wasn't happy with her work. Biyomon informs Sora that she had received a message but Sora ignores Biyomon, who assumed Sora would refuse to go yet again. Sora tells Biyomon to stop annoying her, then some time later checks her messages, relieved that the rest of the Digidestined were safe without her. Mimi Tachikawa calls Sora wondering how she is had she had not replied to any messages in the Digidestined group chats recently and re-assures Sora that her not being able to show up is fine as she herself is always abroad. Saying that it's not the same as she is nearby, Sora informs Mimi that her flower arrangements will be put on display at her Mother's display soon and she doesn't want to embarrass herself with a bad piece, which is why she was so busy, and Mimi is delighted for Sora. Mimi then reveals she is going to open an online store selling knickknacks with Izzy's help. She then discusses their team mates; Izzy is now the CEO of a company that manages the community for Humans and Digimon, with over 30,000 Digidestined now existing all over the World, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi and Kari Kamiya are one year away from turning 20, Joe Kido is struggling at medical school, Yamato "Matt" Ishida has finally decided what he wants to do having taken an interest in Aerospace Engineering, whilst for Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, she has no idea. Sora is happy they were all walking their own paths, whilst Mimi says it was their destiny to become the Digidestined, though it wasn't their fate. Mimi says she will doing things freely, and encourages Sora to spread her wings freely as the group will stand by her no matter what. After the call, Biyomon gives Sora flowers as she wanted to cheer her partner up. This brings Sora to tears, who hugs Biyomon, crying about how she just wants to be a normal girl, and not a Digidestined or the daughter of a flower arrangement grandmaster, and Biyomon tells Sora that she will always be there for her. After finally submitting her piece for the exhibit, Sora decides she will no longer participate in battles, and will instead walk her own path.

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Humans Rookie Champion

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  • The cup of coffee Patamon drinks from features a generic logo resembling the Starbucks logo.

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  • Sora's flower arrangement exhibit takes place on August 29, 2010.

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