Tlalocmon is a Mineral Digimon. It is said to be the avatar of nature, it rules over rain and thunder alike. Tlalocmon has the power to bless arid lands with rain, and can conjure lightning to deliver divine punishment, purifying those who destroy nature. It typically has a sunny and peaceful personality, but occasionally displays a level of severity that's downright brutal. These two sides to Tlalocmon are akin to the duality of nature itself, and both are revered by the Digimon of the lands. While it has an adorably child-like appearance, it also has frightfully high specs in battle. It takes pride in its hard body, which is made of mineralized data, and can freely manipulate and attack with the grass and vines that grow all over its body.[1]


  • Netotiliztli: Performs a special dance to summon rains and thunder, then transforms into a knife to slash its enemy.
  • Nahui Quiahuitl: Channels the combined energy of the rain and thunder into a massive beam.



Tlalocmon (トラロックモン)

Official romanization given the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.


Digimon Liberator (web novel)[]

After defeating the the NPC that used EX7-046: Metallicdramon and EX7-014: Volcanicdramon with her new deck Yuuki decides to try progressing in the main story of Digimon Liberator, and dragged Winr along with her. Despite having a new deck, Yuuki loses so fast to EX7-047: Tlalocmon Winr had no time to analyse the card. Wanting to test out his own new deck, Winr returns to the Invasion Forest City to duel the NPC himself DEBUG.2-1 Winr though winds up letting it slip to FunBeemon that his true reason for doing so was to learn how to beat it so he could teach Yuuki how to beat it as he had a crush on her. DEBUG.2-2 GOOD GAME

At some point during the duel, the NPC uses EX7-047: Eldradimon and EX7-029: SaberLeomon ACE and then DNA digivolves them into Tlalocmon for free with them meeting the requirements as Eldradimon is Black and SaberLeomon ACE is Green. Its DNA digivolution effect activates, allowing it to play two different colored Nature Spirits Digimon with a play cost of 7 or less from its hand for free. It uses this effect to play the black EX7-045: Jagamon and the blue EX7-045: ShogunGekomon — who both have play costs of 7. It attacks Winr directly, removing Winr's top security card. Despite having five face up cards in his security, their security effects prove meaningless as Tlalocmon survives the battle. The NPC then apparently passes without making any more moves. On Winr's turn BT19-056: TigerVespamon's on play effect activates and targets Tlalocmon to suspend it, though this had no effect since it was already suspended. DEBUG.2-2 GOOD GAME

Digimon Pendulum Color: Nature Spirits[]

Tlalocmon Fuses from two of SaberLeomon, ElDradimon, and MetalEtemon.

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