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Thunder Cloud
(Sandā Kuraudo)
Publisher Saikyō Jump
Digimon.net (Re-release/English release)
Release date (Ja:) November 2, 2022
(En:) September 24, 2023
Written by Ten'ya Yabuno
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Wizardmon, having regained its memories, pulls its staff out of its hat so that it could fight Dragomon. Pulsemon, realizing that it had done so, reacts excitedly and tells it that it can feel the same type of pulse within it that Pulsemon itself has. Pulsemon insults Dragomon and tells it that it should get ready to lose — with Dragomon attacking Pulsemon, easily defeating it. After fishing Pulsemon out of the lake to save its life, Ritsu Kodo tells it that it gets way too excited about things — a fact Pulsemon agrees to.

Now turning its attention to Wizardmon, Dragomon tells it that even with its regained powers and memories it stood no chance against an Ultimate level Digimon. Wizardmon however, blocks Dragomon's Trident with its magic — shocking everyone. Pulsemon, now awake, tries to finish Dragomon off itself, but is once again defeated with very little effort from Dragomon. Dragomon attacks Wizardmon with its tentacles, but as Ritsu freaks out about how many of them there are — Wizardmon uses its staff to chop the ends of all of them off. As Wizardmon defeats Dragomon with its Thunder Cloud attack, Pulsemon begins to resonant with Wizardmon with Pulsemon happy as Wizardmon uses electric attacks as well. This has Ritsu wonder if this resonation was why the two Digimon had been so in synch since Wizardmon had got its memories back.

Pulsemon decides it wants to be as strong as Wizardmon and asks if it can have Wizardmon's staff but Wizardmon turns it down, stating that even if it had the staff it wouldn't become as strong as it. Wizardmon thanks for the duo for helping it get its memories back, then upon being asked for an explanation tells them that Witchelny, in its current state, would be unable to help them — this information shocking Ritsu and Pulsemon.

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