• Can you provide a screenshot of them? I only saw Ghoulmon and a ton of Devimon silhouettes.

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    • the first one you can see some Vilemon with Devidramon and SkullSatanmon, in the second one There are 4 differents digimon behind Ghoulmon: Devidramon Vilemon SkullSatanmon and I think this one is Mephistomon

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    • I'm pretty sure that's Boogiemon, not SkullSatamon. As for Mephistomon, that looks more like Devidramon again.

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    • But the small one is 100% Vilemon

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    • Sure.

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    • I disagree, I agree with diggy (not on skullsatamon).

      there are four different digimon here copy pasted over and over to be the army.

      vilemon, devidramon, boogiemon, and mephistomon

      I showed with coloured rings.

      red are devidramon, yellow are mephistomon. you can see mephistomon's horns. the one I think is mephistomon, the heead/horn doesnt look the same as the devidramon ones.

      ignore the bottom red that was supposed to be yellow.

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    • Mephistomon's horns are significantly larger (nearly the size of its wings, which are themselves pretty small compared to its limbs), and its tail is tufted like a goat's, and not nearly as long as its legs. The previous scenes also have 2 silhouettes each for what have to be Boogiemon and Devidramon, so just because there's four silhouettes doesn't mean there's four species.

      The proportions don't make sense to me to be Mephismon, and Mephismon would be pretty unusual, thematically, as a generic footsoldier for a demon army. It's usually depicted as more of an individual.

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